AWD Auto Water Drain System
for STS 7000 Tank Cleaning Systems

Automatically Drains Captured Water into a Storage Tank While Cleaning Fuel Tanks.

Separ SWK/2000 and PF-90 AWD System Components (STS 7004, 7010, 7020, & 7040)

AWD Auto Water Drain System on Separ Fuel/Water Separator

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1) Solenoid Drain Valve

6) Manual Drain Port

2) Watect Water Sensors

7) AWD Isolation Ball Valve

3) Water Separator

8) Basket Strainer

4) Water Level High PVacuum Switch

9) Auto Water Drain Pump

5) Water Level Low Probe


Auto Water Drain System Configured For Use With Typical Racor FBO-14 Series Fuel/Water Separator (STS 7030)

AWD Auto Water Drain System on Racor Fuel/Water Separator

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1) Auto Water Drain Ball Valve

5) Manual Drain Port

2) Basket Strainer

6) Water Level High Probe

3) Auto Water Drain Pump

7) Water Level Low Probe

4) Solenoid Drain Valve


Auto Water Drain System External Storage Tank

AWD Storage Tank

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AWD Storage Tank

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1) Auto Water Drain Connection Hose

5) Barrel Heater (Optional)

2) 15 Gallon Waste Water Drum

6) AWD Stand (Optional)

3) Float Switch

7) 1/2 inch AWD Stand Mounting Holes

4) Modular Connection


AWD Auto Drain Literature

The AWD Auto Water Drain System is an optional component available on the STS-7000 Series of Programable Automated Fuel Filtration Systems. The AWD is comprised of a pump and strainer that will automatically remove water collected in the base of the fuel water separator or the final filter when utilizing a coalescing filter element. When the system detects a high water level, a selenoid valve opens and the drain pump discharges the water into a 15 gallon storage tank next to the system (outside the cabinet enclosure). The Basket Strainer will stop and hold any larger debris or foreign objects protecting the pump from damage. Should excessive debris in the strainer basket impede the flow of water to the storage tank, the pump will shut down and activate the High Vacuum alarm alerting the operator to the situation for cleaning of the strainer.

When the Water Separator’s Water Level High Probe is triggered, the system will shut down. The system shuts down for 60 seconds, allowing water to completely separate fro the fuel. The Auto Water Drain Solenoid Drain Valve opens and the Suto Water Drain pump turns on, drainign the Water Separator bowl to below the water Level Low Probe. The system will automatically turn back on and resume normal operation.

The 15 Gallon Drum is provided to collect and temporarily store water and waste from the Water Separator before disposal. The drum includes a water level sensor that will prevent the drum from over filling and signal that the system requires service.

Servicing Auto Water Drain Strainer

  • Turn key switch to the "OFF" position -- make sure pump will not turn on.

  • Close the inlet ball valve.

  • Ensure Manual Drain Port is Closed.

  • Place a fuel waste container below the Manual Drain Port on the bottom of the Auto Water Drain Strainer

  • Open the bleed screw on top of the water separator.

  • Verify that the Auto Water Drain ball valve to the Auto Water Drain System is open.

  • With water barrel float connected, verify the function of the switch diagnosis alarm "WATER BARREL ALARM", by slowly lifting the float.

  • By jumping the two "WATER LEVEL LOW" probes and, simultaneously, jumping the two "WATER LEVEL HIGH" probes, the digital read out will show a "WATER LEVEL HIGH ALARM". This will automatically stop the operation of the fuel pump and start the Auto Water Drain Pump, removing the water from the bowl. This action is set on a time delay and will pause, allowing the water that has been separated from the fuel to be discharged for approximately two minutes. The digital message "HIGH WATER ALARM" will blink during this Auto Water Drain Cycle. Once the water has been evacuated from the bowl and the "WATER LEVEL LOW" circuit is no longer closed, the Auto Water Drain Pump stops and the main fuel pump on the Tank Cleaning System will start automatically.

  • Close the bleed screw on top of the water separator

  • Push the "ALARM RESET" button on the control panel to acknowledge and reset the alarm.

  • Return the pump selector key switch to "AUTO" or "RUN".