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Smart FPS-DX-S Fuel Polishing System w-Leak Detection & Spin On Filter - 80 GPH - 12V

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Smart FPS-DX-S Fuel Polishing System w-Leak Detection & Spin On Filter - 80 GPH - 24V

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Converter - 90 V to 305 V AC IN to 12V DC OUT

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Smart FPS-DX Series

Fuel Polishing System

Smart FPS-DX-S Fuel Polishing System

Smart FPS DX-S

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Smart FPS DX-S

Flow Rate

1.3 GPM / 80 GPH

Tank Size

< 1,000 gallons


Spin-On 10µ Particulate or
3µ Water Block

Replacement Filter

FFS-10 10µ, WBS-3 3µ, WBS-10 10µ

Fuel Conditioner

AXI LG-X 500


1/3 HP Continuous-Duty Motor with Coupled Gear Pump


12V DC 10A or
24V DC 5A

Filtration Controller

SMART FPS System Monitor

Alarm Features

Pump Shut-Down
High Vacuum
High Pressure
Leak Detection

Port Size

1/2" Hose Barb
(Other Connectors Available)


Stainless Steel

Operating Temperature

32 - 104 deg. F;
0 - 40 deg. C


50 Mesh


Spin-On Filter Element (Comes with WBS-3 Water Block Filter Element


20 lbs

(H x W x D)

15" x 18.5" x 7.5"
38 x 47 x 19 cm


Powder Coated Aluminum
Back Plate & Stainless
Steel Plumbing

Not for use with fluids that have a flash
point below 100 deg. F

Smart FPS-DX Literature

Smart FPS-DX-S Operating ManualPDF

Smart FPS-DX-S Specification SheetPDF


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1. Fuel Inlet (From Tank)

2. AXI® LG-X Inline Fuel Conditioner

3. Priming Tee

4. Strainer

5. Motor with coupled Gear Pump

6. Control Panel

7. Pressure Gauge

8. Fuel Discharge (To Tank)

9. Fine Filter

10. Leak Detector

11. Drip Tray


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SMART Fuel Polishing System (FPS) DX-S are programmable, fully automated Fuel Maintenance Systems that remove water, sludge and contaminants wherever fuel is stored or used. The SMART FPS DX-S conditions and stabilizes diesel and bio-fuels, keeping it dry and eliminates microbial contamination, and ensures fuel remains clean and dry. SMART FPS Systems keep your tanks clean and your fuel in "Clear & Bright" pristine condition at all times. AXI’s FPS DX-S Fuel Conditioner reverses fuel deterioration and sedimentation to sub micron levels, preventing clogged filters, extending injection system service life, and reducing smoke, emissions and downtime. These compact fuel maintenance systems are specifically designed for permanent installations indoors, as well as confined spaces, such as inside gem-set enclosures or engine rooms.

  • SMART Filtration Controllers

  • Fully Automated and Programmable Operation

  • Integration with Vessel Monitoring Systems

  • Modular " Plug & Play" Flexibility

  • Unique Safety & Alarm Features

  • Continuous-Duty Pumps & Vitron Seals

  • Affordable Fuel Reliability

Fuel has a limited shelf-life and even "fresh fuel" could contain water, sediment and microbes upon delivery. Fuel filters should last thousands of hours. However, frequent filter changes, tank cleaning, disposing of spoiled fuel and replacing fuel have become common maintenance practices instead of serious warning signs of fuel problems. As fuel is used, partially full tanks draw in moist air through vents as the fuel expands and contracts with temperature changes and condensation accumulates in tank bottoms, providing habitat for microbial contamination. Establishing a fuel management and maintenance protocol should include removal of accumulated water, periodic fuel circulation for particulate filtration and polishing of the fuel, and treatment with a Diesel Fuel Catalyst made to clean the fuel tank without removing the fuel to assure that the lights stay on when the power goes off.

The FPS-DX Systems are ideal for applications where fuel is stored in quantity at remote locations, such as larger tanks on a sport fishing boat, a residential emergency power generator used for back-up power, or fuel tanks that are used for fueling construction or farming equipment in remote locations. The FPS-DX-S gives you the flexibility to have a system that runs for a fixed time period and then automatically shuts off. The FPS-DX-S also will automatically shut down when high vacuum or high pressure is sensed in the system, possibly indicating a clogged screen or a filter element is in need of changing. The FPS DX-S also has a sensor that would automatically shut off the system if the system, operating while un-attended, senses that there is a leak that accumulates fuel in the spill tray to the extent that the float valve will shut the system down.

Generators and pumps operating in remote locations are ideal applications for SMART FPS Systems. Fuel has a limited shelf-life and even "fresh fuel" could contain water, sediment and microbes upon delivery. Fuel filters should last thousands of hours. However, frequent filter changes, tank cleaning and replacing fuel have become common maintenance practices instead of serious warning signs of fuel problems.

SMART FPS Systems reverse fuel deterioration while decontaminating, cleaning and optimizing the fuel for guaranteed continuous, uninterrupted service.

The Following Guides
Tell the Story
•  Understanding Diesel
Fuel Problems


•  Fuel Treatment and
Continuing Management


•  In-line Fuel Cleaning


•  Determining What Fuel
Treatment System
is Right for You


•  Cleaning a Fuel Tank

The system is automatically operated by the programmable digital control panel. The controller’s alarm functions and pump shutdown are triggered if filter elements require service, if high pump vacuum or pressure occurs or optional leak detection. The wiring harness with plugs easily connects the SMART Filtration Controller with the FPS allowing for greater flexibility in installation and access where it’s most convenient.

The principal components are a continuous-duty pump with primary filter with vacuum sensor and gauge, an AXI LG-X Fuel Conditioner and a SMART Filtration Controller. The patented AXI Fuel Conditioner prevents and reverses fuel degradation, agglomerization and microbial contamination.

Implementing SMART FPS Fuel Polishing and Transfer Systems will guarantee Optimal Fuel Quality for Reliable Power At All Times. SMART FPS Systems prevent downtime, periodic tank cleaning, replacing out-of-spec fuel and fuel-quality related injection system repairs.

The FPS-DX-S Systems operate on either 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC power. This allow the system to operate from the power created by you generator in remote locations or from batter power. When connected to the optional Converter, it can be adapted to operate from a 110V or 230V power supply. This gives you the flexibility to operate the unit in a repair shop environment where truck or other diesel power equipment is serviced and fuel polishing and tank cleaning is added to the services provided.

It is recommended that the fuel be treated with the AXI Fuel Catalyst AFC-705 prior to the initial tank cleaning and every six months thereafter to assure the fuel tank remains clean and the fuel is stabilized. This will enhance and accelerate the tank cleaning process by breaking down and dissolving existing tank sludge. Always check the fuel tank for an accumulation of water in the bottom of the tank and pump accumulated water out of the tank for proper disposal. It is often the case that all of the water is impossible to remove. Add AFC-705 every six months to decontaminate compartments of the tank that are out of reach of the suction line. Depending on the condition of the fuel and the amount of sludge build-up, it is recommended to initially use a double dose of one to twenty-five hundred (1:2500 - one oz. to 20 gallons of fuel) and circulate the capacity of the tank five times. Always treat the tank with a full tank of fuel. If you perform a treatment with a half tank of fuel, you will only be cleaning the bottom half of the tank. This has proven to be essential in accelerating the tank cleaning process. AFC-705 contains detergent, surfactant, dispersant, corrosion inhibitor, lubricity enhancer and combustion catalyst. It does not contain biocides. AFC-705 should always be used periodically in particular to stabilize fuel that is stored for longer periods of time.

After the initial cleaning, the AFC-705 in the fuel will continue to stabilize the fuel for six months or more. Every six months, or more often if the region in which you reside is a humid climate, treat the fuel again and circulate the capacity of the tank three times. If you are in a area where fuel additives are required to be Tier 4 compliant, use AXI Diesel Catalyst AFC-710 to stabilize the fuel and prevent the creation of sludge and microbial contamination in your tank.