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DIP 90 - MTC HC Duel Inlet Port - 2 inch

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DIP 150 - MTC HC Duel Inlet Port - 3 inch

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MTC Dual Inlet Port

For Use With All MTC HC Portable
Tank Cleaning Systems

MTC HC Dual Inlet Port

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  • 1. Main Fuel Outlet Hose into Tank

  • 2. 1" Inlet Port Stinger (Not Included)

  • 3. 1" Dual Inlet Port Hose

  • 4. Main Fuel Inlet Hose

  • 5. Dual Inlet Port Option

  • 6. MTC HC-150

MTC HC Dual Inlet Port

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  • 1. Cam-Lock Female Quick Connection

  • 2. 1" Accessory Port Ball Valve

  • 3. 1" Cam-Lock Male Quick Connection

  • 4. Main Port Shut-off Ball Valve

  • 5. Cam-Lock Male Quick Connection

Additional Information:

MTC HC Dual Inlet Port

The AXI Dual Inlet Port is an option for the MTC HC series systems, that allows for complete control of another suction inlet hose in addition to the main inlet hose. While the main inlet hose recirculates the large majority of fuel, the smaller, more manageable 1" stinger hose*, makes reaching difficult areas easier and allows personnel access to smaller tank ports and openings.

* A stinger hose is a rigid high pressure hose, affixed to the end of a more flexible hose, that prevents the hose end from boomeranging and whipping around, thus preventing the hose end from being damaged, causing injury, and, in this instance, allowing the more rigid hose to extend down deep into the tank and making the hose able to be maneuvered and directed around the tank bottom (much as you would maneuver a vacuum cleaner around on a carpeted room) to suction the sludge and debris from the bottom of the fuel tank.

  • Process entire contents of the fuel storage tank 3 times to Condition, Stabilize, and Polish the Fuel

  • The fuel dialysis loop is the quickest way to process a fuel storage tank and get it down to the required fuel cleanliness level.

  • With the addition of the 1" inlet port stinger you are able to have easy mobility to remove all sludge on the bottom of the tank.

The Dual Inlet Port allows larger hoses that can be difficult to move around a storage tank to circulate the bulk of the fuel while an operator utilizing a more manageable 1" hose to access the hard to reach extremes of a tank allowing for a more efficient removal of particulates and debris during the tank cleaning process. The removal of water from the tank bottom can be undertaken initially (with the water being directed into a separate external tank for proper disposal at a later time) before the larger suction and return/discharge hoses are put into operation, with the extreme agitation of the larger hose flow stirring up the water.