High Volume - High Capacity Pallet Mounted
Mobile Tank Cleaning Systems

Take the Solution to Your Fuel Tank Problem

Being a hydrocarbon distillate, diesel fuel is an organic liquid and is therefore susceptible to biological growth and over time, even with chemical treatments, diesel fuel deteriorates. Degraded fuel left in storage results in clogged filters, floating tank debris sometimes referred to as "algae", and thick, gooey sludge accumulations in the bottom of tanks. When this combination of sludge and slime gets stirred up and enters the fuel pick up line, accumulations on the fuel filters results in clogged filters, reduced performance, and extreme exhaust smoke. Long-term contamination results in other byproducts, like acids, that corrode injectors and other fuel system components.

Maintenance professionals know that Total Fuel System Management is an important part of every maintenance program. ALGAE-X has numerous mobile fuel polishing systems available for every size maintenance program.

HC-50 Mobil Tank Cleaning System

The MTC HC-50 is a Pneumatic Powered high capacity, modular tank cleaning system used to recondition, stabilize, and decontaminate Diesel Fuel, Bio-Diesel, Light Oils and Hydraulic fluids. The system efficiently removes water, sludge, and sediments that naturally accumulate in tanks. It cleans tanks while restoring fuel to its "Clear & Bright" condition. The HC-50 operates at up to 50 Gallons per Minute re-circulating, polishing and/or transferring fluids.

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HC 50 Pallet Mounted Mobil Tank Cleaning System

HC-90 AFR (Adjustable Flow Rate) Mobil Tank Cleaning System

The MTC HC-90 AFR (Adjustable Flow Rate) is a four-stage mobile tank cleaning and fuel restoration system. It features an electronic Variable Frequency Drive Pump Motor Speed Controller which can be set for any desired flow rate from 10 GPM to 90 GPM. The MTC HC-90 provides flexibility to move from smaller tanks to larger tanks with a full range of control. Using the MTC HC-90 is like connecting your fuel tank to a "dialysis system". It efficiently removes sludge and water from fuel storage tanks and then restores, conditions, and optimizes fuel.

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ALGAE-X MTC Cleaning System

HC-150 Mobil Tank Cleaning Systems

The MTC HC-150 system is engineered as a mobil tank cleaning system for capacity to clean large fuel storage tanks quickly and efficiently. The MTC HC-150, operating between 15 GPM and 150 GPM, (170 GPM under low pump load) tackles the big problems of removing sludge, inorganic contaminants, and water in large-volume fuel tanks. Degraded fuel is returned to a clear and bright state, returning combustibility and efficient operation as well as removing the harmful deposits and contaminants that damage engine components and make your power system exposed to unplanned downtime. The MTC HC-150 is a four-stage mobile fuel conditioning and tank cleaning system that is mounted on two metal forklift-style skids.

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HC-150 Mobil Tank Cleaning System