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PF-10 HD Pre-Filter Vessel

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PF-10 HD-CART mounted on Heavy Duty 2-Wheel Cart

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PF-30 HD Pre-Filter Vessel

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PF-30HD mounted on Heavy Duty 2-Wheel Cart

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PF-40 HD Pre-Filter Vessel

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Bag Filter Vessels
For Pre-Filter and In-Line Filtration

Cost Effective High-Flow Filtration
and Water Separation

PF-10 HD
Bag Filter Vessel

PF-10 HD Bag Filter Vessel

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PF-30 HD
Bag Filter Vessel

PF-30 HD Bag Filter Vessel with Optional Cart

PF-30 HD Bag Filter
(shown with optional aluminum cart)
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PF-40 HD High Volume
Bag Filter Vessel

PF-40 HD High Volume Bag Filter Vessel

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Bag Filter Vessels


PF-10 HD

PF-30 HD

PF-40 HD



MTC-1000, 3000 &MTC-X


Max. Flow Rate

30 GPM / 113.6 LPM

90 GPM / 340.7 LPM

120 GPM / 454.2 LPM

Inlet/Outlet Port Size (NPT)


1 1/2"

3 "

Connector Hoses

6 ft. Length of Clear Suction Hose Standard

6 ft. Length of Clear Suction Hose Standard

Not Included

Available Connection

Cam & Groove
or Quick Disc (Standard)

Cam & Groove (Standard)

Not Included


1" Standard (Inlet & Outlet)

1 1/2" Standard (Inlet & Outlet)

Not Included

Drain Valve

1" Standard (Inlet & Outlet)

1 1/2" Standard (Inlet & Outlet)

Not Included


Diesel Fuel, Hydraulic, Engine &
lube oil, water, antifreeze

Hardware Fittings





Stainless Steel
Vacuum Gauge Standard

Stainless Steel
Vacuum Gauge Standard

None Included

Filter Bags





16 lbs (7 kg)
without Cart

112 lbs (51 kg)
without Cart

160 lbs
(52 kg)
without Cart

(H x W x D)

26" x 19.5" x 5.5"
(66 x 50 x 14 cm)

40" x 28" x 8.5"
(102 x 71 x 22 cm)

56" x 14" x 14"
(142 x 35.5 x 35.5 cm)

Not for use with fluids that have a
flash point below 100 deg. F.

Available Options for
the PF-10/30/40 Bag Filter Vessels

Spill Protection Berm

Portable Spill Prevention Berm -- Heavy duty, portable and reusable spill prevention berms are recommended to avoid accidental fluid leakage into the environment. 48 inches X 48 inches X 6 inches - can be rolled.

Digital Flow Meter -- Shows how much fuel has been treat with the AXI Mobile Tank Cleaning System. Mount on the discharge side of the MTC unit.

Extra Suction and/or Discharge Hose -- The PF-10 HD and PF-30 HD come with six (6) feet of reinforced clear Suction hose for connecting the Bag Filter Vessel to the MTC Fuel Conditioning and Tank Cleaning System. In some instances, additional hose is needed and can be purchased by the foot. Note the above table provides information on the diameter of the hose required for the PF 10/30/40 unit you are considering. Along the left side of this page, see prices, by the foot, for additional hose.

Other Products that
Enhance the Operation of the
MTC HC-50 System

AFC-705 Diesel Fuel Catalyst -- A POWERFUL Full Spectrum Additive and tank cleaning agent. It is a unique broad-spectrum fuel additive that provides Superior Diesel Fuel Quality for Engines and Storage Tanks, lowering operating cost, maintenance and downtime.

AFC-710 Diesel Fuel Catalyst -- A unique and powerful Tier 4 compliant broad-spectrum fuel additive concentrate for use in Diesel, Bio-fuels, Gasoline, Kerosene, and HFO.

AFC-805 Diesel Fuel Catalyst -- An effective means of decontaminating and cleaning storage tanks and stabilizing fuel fuel, ideally used for cold weather applications where there is long term fuel storage, such as bulk fuel farms, winterized recreational and work boats, and also smaller engines.

Fluid Tank Sampler -- Obtain samples from larger tanks using the AXI Stainless Steel Tank Samplers, available in 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. capacities

Fluid Sample Pump & Sample Bottles -- Use this hand pump to obtain samples of fuel. Sample is deposited directly into 4 oz. or 16 oz. bottle for further testing.

Tank Access Ports -- Easily create an access port in your fuel tank for obtaining samples or access for performing tank cleaning and fuel polishing.

Liqui-Cult Fuel Test KitsTest kits are used to detect microbial growth in fluids and determines the type and degree of infestation.

FUELSTAT® Fuel Test Kits -- Fuel Test kits for detecting microbial growth in fluids that can provide in-the-field instant test results.

Desiccant Fuel Tank Breathers -- Unlike tank installations that utilize open vents or conventional breathers, Desiccant Breathers provide a simple yet dependable defense against not only particulate contamination from entering the tank, but also moisture in the air from entering your storage or equipment tanks.

Water Eliminator -- Water Eliminator crystals are water specific and will swell many times their weight in water. Water specific means they will only absorb the water in your tank and will not absorb or adversely affect gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, JP5 or hydraulic oil. Place a Water Eliminator in your fuel tank and monitor at each fill up for accumulated water.

Water Finding Paste -- Use some "Kolor Kut" paste on the end of a stick or a tank measuring rod that reaches through the top fill opening all the way to the bottom of the tank. Kolor Kut paste will show the water level in the tank by changing color where it comes in contact with water, indicating how much water and sludge will need to be removed.

PF-10 HD/ PF-30 HD / PF-40 HD Literature

Replacement Bag Filter Pricing for
the PF-10 HD, PF-30 HD and PF-40 HD Bag Filter Elements

Bag Filtration Systems

The AXI Bag Filtration System is designed to provide large-capacity, heavy duty filtration. These Bag Filter vessels may be used in-line on fuel transfer equipment, fuel dispensing equipment, or to clean fuel or other liquids. AXI recommends the use of these vessels as an accessory to the AXI Mobil Fuel Conditioning and Tank Cleaning Systems (MTC).

When used as a Pre-Filter to the AXI MTC Systems, the Pre-Filter process will remove major sludge, debris and water from the fuel by trapping extraordinary amounts of sludge, rust, scale, and other contaminants upstream before they access the MTC Mobil Tank Cleaning unit.

Utilizing an AXI Bag Filter assembly provides a substantial reduction in the cost of consumables during a tank cleaning operation because pre-filter bags are inexpensive compared to fine filtration elements that are typically used in the later phases of the tank cleaning process (See prices for filter bags at the left-bottom of this page).

The Bag Filtratopm vessel will also capture water from the flow of fuel, and as the fuel continues to the MTC Mobile Tank Cleaning System, the centrifuge on the MTC will remove additional water that may get past the Bag Filtration Vessel.

Having two water removal apparatus in the circulation loop also will allow for longer run times between necessary shut downs for draining water as compared to only having the centrifuge on the MTC unit handling the chore of water removal.

AXI PF-10 HD and PF-30 HD Pre-Filter assemblies include a hose-kit to connect the Bag Filtration Vessel to the MTC System (see hose kit attached to the PF-10HD pictured). The hose kit consists of a 6-foot clear hose to connect to the Mobil Fuel Conditioning and Tank Cleaning cart, including cam and groove fittings for making the connection and valves on both the inlet and outlet side of the Bag Filtration Vessel.

A drain valve and a vacuum gauge are also included on the PF-10 HD and PF-30 HD vessels that indicate the need to curtail cleaning and change the filter bag. It is advisable to have the ball valves on the inflow and outflow line to stop the fuel in the lines from interfering with the bag change process.

The PF-10 HD and the PF-30 HD, as an option, are available mounted on a heavy-duty aluminum two-wheel cart for ease of mobility and setup (see picture).

The PF-40 HD is a workhorse for cleaning heavily contaminated large fuel tanks where high volume is required to get the job done quickly. While the hose and fittings included with the purchase of the PF-10 HD and PF-30 HD are not included with the PF-40 HD, we can provide hardware and hose that fits your specific application and needs.

The pre-filter vessels use felt or multifilament mesh bag filters to remove heavy particulate and sludge, with available filtration ranging from 800 micron down to 1 micron, and include a perforated, stainless steel strainer basket. The Pre-Filter vessel may be used without a bag, using only the strainer basket, to remove water from the tank bottom before the first fuel circulation phase starts.

  • Provides Cost Efficient Pre-Filtering

  • Easy Connectivity & Filter Bag Change

  • Large Holding Capacity

  • Variety of Micron Filter Options

AXI International (formerly ALGAE-X) Filter Systems are a custom designed, powerful addition to your Mobile Fuel Conditioning and Tank Cleaning System. They provide large capacity, heavy-duty pre-screening for tank cleaning jobs with extraordinary amounts of sludge, rust scale, and other contaminants to protect the fuel circulation equipment. Take the "Big Pieces" out of the fuel before it gets to your MTC unit, protecting the fuel pump and extending the life of your equipment. Once you have one, however, you will use it as part of every tank cleaning job, even those that were cleaned just months before, as the filter bags do a great job and reduce the cost of maintaining tanks by reducing the cost of screw-on filter elements on your MTC.

Bag Filter Components

Click on Graphic
to Enlarge

  1. Eye Bolts

  2. Vacuum Gauge

  3. Outlet

  4. Drain Valve

  5. Air Purge Valve

  6. Inlet

The Pre-filter connects easily to your MTC using cam & grove fittings and includes a 6 foot long clear hose with dust caps & plugs for both ends as shown in the illustration. The assembly package is equipped with a vacuum gauge, shut-off and drain valves, as well as one inlet and one discharge pipe fitting that enables maximum flexibility when configuring system connections. The vacuum gauge monitors restriction and when restriction reaches a certain level, the filter bags need to be changed.

The PF-10 HD is sized for use with the MTC-500 or MTC-1000 LX Mobil Fuel Conditioning and Tank Cleaning Systems, and the PF-30HD is sized for use with the MTC-3000. The PF-30 HD is ideal for shops where the equipment being serviced is coming into the shop for service. The PF-30HD is also the pre-filter used on the HC-50 and HC 80 pallet mounted fuel conditioning and tank cleaning systems.

Servicing Bag Filters

Note: Always have an adequate supply of filter elements on hand.

The vacuum gauges on the bag filter vessel show the pressure drop over the filter. 15” Hg vacuum indicates the bag filter element should be replaced.

  1. For a “no mess” bag filter change, the bag filter vessel should be pumped empty, or the fuel in the filter should be drained to a lower level.

  2. While operating the pump motor at minimum speed, close the inlet ball valve for the bag filter vessel, then open the air purge valve on the top of the bag filter housing to allow air to enter and the fuel to be drawn out of the vessel.

  3. The pump will begin to purge the fuel out of the filter vessel as air enters the vent. After a few moments when most of the fuel has been withdrawn from the vessel, turn the MANUAL/OFF/AUTO switch to OFF, and then remove the lid to access the bag filter.

  4. Replace bag filter element and make sure it seals tight within the perforated basket. If a hold-down spring is included with the vessel, place the hold-down spring on top of the filter bag to hold it down during operation. For best results bag should be fully extended into the basket.

  5. Apply a film of lubricating oil to the lid gasket. Replace O-Ring if worn or damaged.

  6. Tighten lid screws evenly (alternating the screws) to ensure air cannot enter the system, and lid is fully seated onto O-Ring gasket.

  7. Close the vent valve.

  8. Open the bag filter vessel inflow valve and resume pumping operation. Check for leaks and air intrusion.

  9. The material collected inside the filter bag can be inspected to better understand the types of contaminants that have been removed from the tank. The material trapped inside the filter can be inspected to better understand the types of contaminants that have been removed from the tank.

Note: Disposal of fuel, associated waste, and filters must be in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, and Local rules, laws, standards, and regulations.