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STS 6030 - 30 GPM -- Fuel Filtration System

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STS 6030-30GPM
Automated Fuel Filtration Systems

Ensures Safe & Reliable Emergency Generator Operation.

STS 6000 30-GPM Automated Systems

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STS 6030
30 GPM

Flow Rates

30GPM/1,800GPH - 114 l/m

Tank Size

> 20,000 to 50,000 gal

Port Sizes

2" NPT Suction - 1.5" NPT Discharge


2Hp/208-230V/1ph/60Hz 20A

Filtration Controller

SMART PLC Controller


Coupled Gear Pump


Stainless Steel Fittings


2 hp single phase, continuous duty


+/-688 lbs (312 kg)

Operating Temperature

41 - 104 deg. F
5 - 40 deg. C

Suction capability (primed)

15 ft vertical or 100 ft horizontal life (lines > 1", primed)

Max. Fluid Viscosity

5 cST

Dimensions (HxWxD)

57" x 72" x 14" (H x W x D)

LG-X Model

LG-X 4000

Leak Sensor

Alarm indicator (system shutdown)

Primary Filter

Racor FBO Fuel Filter/Water Separator with High Pressure Alarm Indicator and System Shutdown (pressure transmitter)

Secondary Filter

Racor FBO Coalescing Filter (Water Separator) with High Water Alarm Indicator & System Shutdown (water sensor) with high pressure alarm indicator & system shutdown (pressure transmitter)

Flow Meter

"No Flow" alarm indicator and system shutdown (flow switch)

Not for use with fluids that have a flash point below 100 deg. F (38 deg. C) (e.g. Gasoline, Alcohol, etc.)

Available Options

STS 6030 - 30 GPM E304

Stainless Steel Enclosure

Replacement Filter Options

STS 6030 - 30 GPM

Primary Filter -- Racor Silicone Treated Filter

  • FBO-60339 Micro Filter Element - 1-Micron

  • FBO-60340 Micro Filter Element - 5-Micron

  • FBO-60357 Micro Filter Element - 10-Micron

  • FBO-60341 Micro Filter Element - 25-Micron

Secondary Filter -- Racor Coalescing Filter (Water Separator)

  • FBO-60336 Coalescing Filter Element - 1-Micron

  • FBO-60337 Coalescing Filter Element - 5-Micron

  • FBO-60356 Coalescing Filter Element - 10-Micron

  • FBO-60338 Coalescing Filter Element - 25-Micron

STS 6030-30GPM Literature

Articles on Automated Fuel Cleaning

Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide - Automated Fuel Cleaning North American Diesel Progress - Automated Fuel Cleaning

The STS-6030 removes water, sludge and prevents tank sediments in stored fuel.

  • Fully Automated Filtration System

  • Easy Integration with Building Maintenance Systems

  • SMART Filtration Controller (UL508a)

  • Continuous Duty Pump with Viton Seals

  • Powder Coated & Stainless Enclosures

  • Stainless Steel Plumbing

  • Stand Alone, Reliable Turn-Key Equipment

Fuel is inherently unstable. It naturally forms sediments, solids and tank sludge. Clogged filters, smoke and damage to injection systems are often symptoms of less than optimal fuel quality causing engines to be unreliable, smoke, lose power and ultimately fail. Water naturally accumulates in storage tanks due to condensation or leaks in fills and vents. Water and temperature changes create an environment for microbial growth and natural oxidation, accelerating formation of sludge, acids and tank corrosion.

The STS 6030 Fuel Filtration Systems are self contained, stand-alone and fully automated. They recondition and stabilize fuel, eliminate & prevent microbial contamination and remove water, sludge and contaminants from tanks; preserving the integrity of stored fuel, providing reliable power whenever it is needed.

Implementing STS Fuel Maintenance Systems assures Optimal Fuel Quality & Reliable Engine Performance at all times. It prevents costly downtime, periodic tank cleaning, replacing out of spec fuel and injection system repairs.

The principal STS-6030 30 GPM components are a Nexus Y-Strainer to protect the pump, continuous duty motor with coupled gear pump and Viton Seals, Primary filter to remove debris, Secondary coalescing filter to dry the fuel, and Algae-X Fuel Conditioner to optimize fuel quality, increase filterability and eliminate microbial contamination.

STS 6000 30-GPM Automated Systems

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Both primary and secondary filters are equipped with pressure gauges, water sensors and alarm modules. The programmable UL 508A listed Algae-X Smart Filtration Controller automatically operates and monitors the STS system. All components and control devices are contained within a fully enclosed, lockable, weatherproof, NEMA certified enclosure.

For safe operation the STS 6030 is equipped with leak sensor, alarm indicator and system shutdown. Additional safety elements include automatic system shut-down and indicators when filter elements require service, high pump vacuum exists or a flow interruption is detected and flow meter with " no flow " alarm indicator and system shutdown (pressure transmitter).

Inside the STS6000-10GPM

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1) Fuel Inlet (From Tank)

11) Algae-X® Magnetic Fuel Conditioner

2) Inlet Ball Valve

12) Leak Detector (Float Switch) in Spill Tray

3) Nexus Y Strainer

13) Pressure Transmitter

4) Vacuum Gauge

14) Primary Filter

5) Vacuum Switch

15) Secondary Filter/Water Separator Coalescer

6) Algae-X® Smart Filtration Controller

16) Water Sensor Alarm Module

7) Motor

17) Mechanical Flow Meter with Flow Switch

8) Gear Pump

18) Outlet Ball Valve

9) Pressure Relief Valve

19) Fuel Outlet

10) Pressure Gauge

11) Storage Shelf