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STS 6000 - P35 Automated PUSH System - 35 GPM - 110V/60Hz

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STS 6000 - P35 Automated PUSH System - 35 GPM - 230V/50Hz

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STS 6000 P-35 (up to 35 GPM)
Automated Fuel Filtration System

Ensures Safe & Reliable Emergency Generator Operation.

STS 6000 P-35 Automated Systems

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STS 6000-P35
up to 35 GPM System

Flow Rates

up to 35 GPM

Tank Size

> 10,000 to 50,000 gal

Port Sizes

1.5" NPT In/Out


or 230V/50Hz

Filtration Controller

SMART PLC Controller


Utilizes Existing (customer provided) Submersible 1/3 HP Tank Pump up to 35 GPM


Stainless Steel


+/-404 lbs

Operating Temperature

41 - 104 deg. F
5 - 40 deg. C

Suction capability (primed)

15 ft vertical or 100 ft horizontal life (lines > 1", primed)

Max. Fluid Viscosity

5 cST

Weatherproof Cabinet

NEMA 12, 13, 4
Powder Coated (Standard) or stainless (Optional)

Dimensions (HxWxD)

42" x 68" x 14"
(107 x 176 x 36 cm)

LG-X Model

LG-X 4000

Leak Sensor

Alarm indicator (system shutdown)

Primary Filter

Racor FBO Fuel Filter/Coalescer Water Separator with High Pressure Alarm Indicator and System Shutdown (pressure transmitter)

Secondary Filter/Water Block

Dual Particulate/Water Block spin on Filter 1, 2, 10 or 25 Micron

Flow Meter

"No Flow" alarm indicator and system shutdown (flow switch)

Not for use with fluids that have a flash point below 100 deg. F (38 deg. C) (e.g. Gasoline, Alcohol, etc.)

Available Options

STS 6000-P35

NEMA 12,13,4 Stainless Enclosure

Replacement Filter Options

STS 6000-P35

Primary Filter -- Racor Silicone Treated Filter (click for prices)

  • FBO-60339 Micro Filter Element - 1-Micron

  • FBO-60340 Micro Filter Element - 5-Micron

  • FBO-60357 Micro Filter Element - 10-Micron

  • FBO-60341 Micro Filter Element - 25-Micron

  • FBO-60336 Coalescing Filter Element - 1-Micron

  • FBO-60337 Coalescing Filter Element - 5-Micron

  • FBO-60356 Coalescing Filter Element - 10-Micron

  • FBO-60338 Coalescing Filter Element - 25-Micron

Secondary Filter -- Dual Spin on Particulate or Water Block Filters (click for prices)

  • WB-3 Water Block 3-Micron Filter (standard Secondary)

  • WB-10 Water Block 10-Micron Filter

  • FF-1 Fine Filter Cartridge 1-Micron Filter

  • FFZ-3 Fine Filter Cartridge "X-Glass" 3-Micron Absolute

  • FF-10 Fine Filter Cartridge 10-Micron Filter

STS 6000 30-GPM P-35 Automated System Schematic

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STS 6000-30GPM P-35 Literature

STS 6000 P-35 Automated System Components

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1) Fuel Inlet (From Tank)

7) SMART Filtration Controller

2) Solenoid

8) Fuel Outlet (To Tank)

3) FBO Primary Filter

9) Flow Switch

4) Watect 550 Water Sensor

10) Pressure Transmitters

5) Fuel Conditioner

11) Float Switch

6) Scondary Filters

12) Pressure Gauges

The STS-6000 P35 Programmable Automated Fuel Filtration System utilizes the customers submersible pump in the storage or day tank, to pump fuel to the self-contained, stand-alone system that removes and prevents the buildup of water, sludge and contaminants in tanks. It stabilizes diesel and bio-fuels, eliminates microbial contamination to optimize and maintain fuel quality. STS systems guarantee Optimal Fuel Quality for Reliable Power at All Times.

  • Multi-stage water removal and particulate filtration

  • NEMA 12, 13, 4 Powder Coated or Stainless Enclosure

  • SMART Filtration Controller (UL508a)

  • Unique Alarm Functions and Remote Monitoring

  • Integrates with Building Management Systems

  • Stainless Steel Plumbing

  • Stand Alone, Reliable Turn-Key Equipment

Preventive Maintenance Plans for mission-critical power are essential. However, most service agreements do not cover fuel-related engine failures. Fuel has a limited shelf- life and even “fresh fuel” could contain water, sediment, microbes and bio-fuel components upon delivery.

Periodic generator tests-runs are too short to determine if fuel quality is adequate for the demands of continuous, full-load operation. In fact, generator test runs significantly accelerate the fuel polymerization and degradation process by returning fuel that has been compromised by heat and pressure back to the tank.

Potential liabilities can easily be avoided by implementing an AXI Fuel Quality Maintenance Program as part of every disaster recovery plan. An STS 6000-P35 automatically maintains fuel quality and guarantees reliable emergency power whenever it is needed.

The system is automatically operated by the programmable SMART Filtration Controller. All components and control devices are contained within a fully enclosed, lockable, weatherproof, NEMA-rated cabinet.

The principal components are a continuous-duty motor with coupled gear pump, a strainer/primary coalescing filter with secondary water block fine filter with pressure gauge and sensor.

The primary filter protects the pump, coalesces and removes water and particulate. The patented ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioner prevents and reverses fuel degradation, agglomerization and microbial contamination. The secondary filter is a quick-change spin-on filter designed to remove dissolved and emulsified water and contaminants down to 1 µ.