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STS7004 4 GPM

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Unistrut Stand for STS 7004

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Automatic Water Drain for STS 7004

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STS 7004 4 GPM
Programmable Automated Fuel Filtration Systems

Ensures Safe & Reliable Emergency Generator Operation

STS 7004 4-GPM Programmable Automated Systems

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STS 7004 4 GPM
Programmable Automated
Fuel Filtration Systems


STS 7004

Flow Rates


Port Size

In 3/4" NPT
Out 3/4" NPT


Internal Gear Pump

LG-X Model

LG-X 1500


Stainless Steel


110V/60Hz 15A
230V/50Hz 15A

Smart Filtration

HMI PLC Controller with Touch Screen and remote monitoring, Modbus, TCP/IP LAN and Internet Connectivity

Primary Filter/Water Separator/Coalescer (Separ SWK 2000/18)

10 or 30 µ Fine Filter
3 or 10 &Micro; Water Block

Secondary Filter/Water Block

1, 3, 10, or 25 µ Fine Filter
3 or 10 &Micro; Water Block

Weatherproof Cabinet

NEMA 12, 13, 4 Powder Coat or Stainless


+/-200 lbs

Dimensions (HxWxD)

36" x 36" x 12"
(91 x 91 x 30 cm)

Available Options

  • STS 7004 OPT-2T -- 2-Tank System

  • STS 7004 OPT 3T -- 3-Tank System

  • STS 7004 OPT 4T -- 4-Tank System

  • STS 7004 STAND -- Unistrut Stand for Cabinet

  • STS 7004 AWD -- Automatic Water Drain

  • STS 7004 HTR -- Cabinet Enclosure Heater - 125 Watt

  • STS 7004 OPT-SS -- Stainless Steel Enclosure

  • STS 7004 CLRS -- Cabinet Color Options

  • STS 7004 EXTWAR -- Extended Warranty Options - Up to Four Years (contact us for more information)

Replacement Filter Options

STS 7004 - 4 GPM

Primary Separ SWK 2000/18

  • #01810 10-Micron Filter

  • #01830 30-Micron Filter (Standard)

  • #01860S 60-Micron Mesh Stainless Steel Screen

Secondary Spin-on Filter

  • FF-1 1-Micron B100& All Bio

  • FF-3 3-Micron

  • WB-3 3-Micron Water Block (Standard)

  • FF-10 10-Micron

  • WB-10 10-Micron Water Block

  • FF-25 25-Micron

  • FFZ-3 X-Glass 3-Micron Absolute

Not for use with fluids that have a
flash point below 100 deg. F.

STS 7004-4GPM Literature

Articles on Automated Fuel Cleaning

Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide - Automated Fuel Cleaning North American Diesel Progress - Automated Fuel Cleaning
STS 7004 4-GPM Programmable Automated Systems

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1) Fuel Inlet (From Tank)

11) Motor

2) Inlet Ball Valve

12) ALGAE-X Magnetic
Fuel Conditioner

3) Separ Primary
Filter/Water Separator

13) Secondary Filter

4) Vacuum Gauge

14) Pressure Switch

5) Drain Valve
(push and turn open)

15) Pressure Gauge

6) Man. Air Vent/Bleed

16) Outlet Ball Valve

7) Vacuum Switch

17) Fuel Outlet (To Tank)

8) ALGAE-X Touch
Screen Controller

18) Mechanical Flow
Meter with Flow Switch

9) Pressure Relief Valve

19) Leak Detector (Float
Switch) in Spill Tray

10) Gear Pump


STS 7004 Programmable Automated Fuel Filtration Systems are self-contained, stand-alone systems that remove and prevent the buildup of water, sludge and contaminants in tanks. They stabilize diesel and bio-fuels, eliminate microbial contamination and optimize and maintain fuel quality. STS systems guarantee Peak Engine and Reliable Power at All Times.

All STS Systems feature:

  • Multi-stage water removal and particulate filtration

  • NEMA 12, 13, 4 Powder Coated or Stainless

  • UL508A Smart Filtration Controller

  • Continuous-Duty Pump, Viton Seals

  • Stainless Steel Plumbing

  • Stand-Alone, Reliable & Turn-Key

Implementing STS Fuel Quality Optimization & Maintenance Systems guarantee Optimal Fuel Quality for Reliable Power At All Times. STS 7000 Series prevents downtime, periodic tank cleaning, replacing out-of-spec fuel and fuel-quality related injection system repairs.

The new STS 7000 Series is equipped with a UL508A Touch-Screen Controller with connectivity for more intuitive system setup and monitoring from remote locations.

  • Modbus, TCP/IP, LAN and Internet connectivity

  • E-mail & SMS Maintenance Alerts

  • Maintenance Alert Log File

  • Multiple tank Functionality -- Available in Single Tank (Standard) Two Tank, Three Tank, or Four Tank Optional Configurations

  • Runtime Totalizer

  • Alarm History

  • On-screen Help

    For safe operation, the STS 7000 Series’ Touch-Screen Controller triggers automatic alarms and shuts down the pump when filters need service; a leak is detected; high separator water level, high filter vacuum, or high pump pressure occurs; or when the fuel flow is out of range.

    Fuel is inherently unstable. It naturally forms sediments, solids and tank sludge. Clogged filters, smoke and damage to injection systems are often symptoms of less than optimal fuel quality causing engines to be unreliable, smoke, lose power and ultimately fail. Water naturally accumulates in storage tanks due to condensation or leaks in fills and vents. Water and temperature changes create an environment for microbial growth and natural oxidation, accelerating formation of sludge, acids and tank corrosion.

    STS Installation

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    Implementing STS Fuel Maintenance Systems assures Optimal Fuel Quality & Reliable Engine Performance at all times. It prevents costly downtime, periodic tank cleaning, replacing out of spec fuel and injection system repairs.

    Preventive Maintenance Plans for mission-critical power are essential. However, most service agreements do not cover fuel-related engine failures. Fuel has a limited shelf-life and even “fresh fuel” could contain water, sediment, microbes and bio-fuel components upon delivery.

    Periodic generator tests-runs are too short to determine if fuel quality is adequate for the demands of continuous, full-load operation. In fact, generator test runs significantly accelerate the fuel polymerization and degradation process by returning fuel that has been compromised by heat and pressure back to the tank.

    Potential liabilities can easily be avoided by implementing an AXI Fuel Quality Maintenance Program as part of every disaster recovery plan. An STS 7000 Series Programmable Automated Fuel Filtration System automatically maintains fuel quality and guarantees reliable emergency power whenever it is needed.

    The system is automatically operated by the programmable UL508A Touch-Screen Controller with Modbus, TCP/IP, LAN and Internet connectivity. All components and control devices are contained within a fully enclosed, lockable, weatherproof, NEMA-rated cabinet.

    The principal components are a continuous-duty motor with coupled gear pump, a strainer/primary coalescing filter with vacuum sensor and gauge, an ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioner and a secondary water block fine filter with pressure gauge and sensor. The SEPAR primary filter protects the pump, coalesces and removes water and particulate. The patented ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioner prevents and reverses fuel degradation, agglomerization and microbial contamination. The secondary filter is a quick-change spin-on filter designed to remove dissolved and emulsified water and contaminants down to 1 µ.

    For safe operation the STS 7000 Series is equipped with a drip tray monitored by a leak detector. Additional safety elements include automatic system shut-down and indicators when filter elements require service, high pump vacuum exists or a flow interruption is detected.

    Fuel Maintenance is an important part of periodic generator maintenance programs – just like changing the oil and ensuring the batteries are charged.

    • Do you have a “Fuel Maintenance Program” in place?

    • Can you afford a clogged filter shutting down your generator?

    • When did you last test your fuel or check the tank for water & sediments?