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TC-1000 1,000 GPH -- 110V-60Hz

Your Price: $6599.00 Product

TC-1000 1,000 GPH -- 230V-50Hz

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TC-3000 1,500 GPH -- 110V-60Hz

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TC-3000 1,500 GPH -- 230V-50Hz

Your Price: $7799.00

TC-Series Fuel Cleaning Systems

On-Board Fuel Maintenance

TC-1000 -- 16 GPM
Tank Cleaning System

TC 1000/3000 Fuel Management System

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Stage 1:

The separator/coalescer removes water and particulate that is easily drained by opening the valve on the bottom of the separator.

Stage 2:

The AXI® Fuel Conditioner reconditions and stabilizes the fuel, reversing the process of fuel deterioration and buildup of tank sludge.

Stage 3:

The industrial type water block fine filter removes emulsified water and very fine solids down to 3 microns.

The TC Series of On Board Tank Cleaning Systems are high capacity on-board tank cleaning and fuel transfer systems that recondition, stabilizes and decontaminates fuel. It efficiently removes water, sludge and sediments that naturally accumulate in tanks. The TC cleans tanks and restores fuel to its "Clear & Bright" condition.

The system can be easily installed on existing vessels or engineered into new construction. It provides the duel capability of fuel polishing and fuel transfer, eliminating fuel "algae" issues, clogged filters and tank sludge. "Optimal Fuel Quality for Peak Engine Performance and Reliability"

AXI® TC Systems are built with industrial quality components, connected with Stainless Steel plumbing and mounted on a heavy-duty white powder coated plate. A pressure gauge is installed on the spin-on filter head to ensure optimal filter usage. The stainless steel liquid filled vacuum gauge monitors the separator and protects the pump.

The use of AXI® Diesel Fuel Catalyst (AFC-705) is recommended as a standard part of any tank cleaning procedure, to more rapidly and efficiently decontaminate and clean the entire fuel system, and remove sludge, slime and bio-fouling from tank walls and baffles. AFC-705 is a full spectrum fuel conditioner containing combustion catalyst, surfactant, detergent, dispersant, corrosion inhibitor, lubricity enhancers and fuel stabilizer that eliminates the need for expensive toxic biocides.

TC Options: Digital Flow Meter, Water Sensor Alarm.

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Flow Rate

15 gpm

26 gpm


< 8,000 gal

< 12,000 gal

(H x W x D Approx.)

38” x 22.5” x 9”

41” x 25.5” x 10”

Weight (approx.)

90 lbs

120 lbs

Power *

115V / 230V

115V / 230V

Port Size
(Suction / Discharge)

1” / 1”

1-1/2” / 1-1/4”

LG-X Model




Maintenance free, centrifugal
water separator / coalescer

Spin-on filter

Water block fine filter: 3 or 10 micron
Fine filter: 3, 10, or 25 micron

* Not for use with fluids that have a flash point below 100 deg. F (e.g. Gasoline, Alcohol...)