FV Series
High-Flow Filtration Housings

Providing Maximum Fuel Transfer Flow Capacity
with Flexible Filtration Capability

Tanker Truck Unloading

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Flanged Vessel Pictured*


Flanged Vessel Pictured*


Flanged Vessel Pictured


Flanged Vessel Pictured


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120 GPM (450 lpm)

150 GPM (567.8 lpm)

300 GPM (1135.6 lpm)

500 GPM (1892.7 lpm)


150 PSI Rating


2" NPT inlet/outlet
("F" Model with 2"Flanges)

2" NPT inlet/outlet
("F" Model with 2"Flanges)

3" flanged inlet/outlet

4" flanged inlet/outlet

Interior Finish

Epoxy coating


3 bolt swing down lid

3 bolt swing down lid

8 bolt swing away lid

8 bolt swing away lid


Carbon Steel


31.5" high x 12"

50.5" high x 12"

59.25" high x 24"

78.375" high x 28"

Inlet to

12" for 2" NPT
(13 1/2" for flanged model)

12" for 2" NPT
(13 1/2" for flanged model)



Gauge Ports

1/4" port for optional pressure gauge kit

Filter Elements

1 - 6" X 18" Element

2 - 6" X 18" Elements

4 - 6" X 18" Elements

8 - 6" X 18" Elements

* Flanged Units for FV-Series 120 & 150 Available by Special Order


Available Options

More Information:

Tanker Stand Pre-Filtering

FV-Series High Capacity Pre-Filters Mounted
on Tanker Loading Platform

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Power Generation

Fuel is the lifeblood of your system. You can have the best back up power generation system, but if the fuel is contaminated, high in particulates or has water emulsified into the fuel, presenting a hazy appearance, you have problems.

You place an order for fuel, but never really know where it comes from or where its been. Was the source storage tank, only 1/3 full, sat idle for the past six months? Did the tanker truck get pulled out of the back lot at the last minute to substitute for one with a bad wheel bearing? Is the fuel you"re getting what you expect?

You can't afford to allow that one tanker load of fuel to contaminate the whole 10,000 gallon tank of fuel you need ... it"s too late to plan ahead when the lights go out.

Sure, you have a plan. Part of every plan of Best Practices is to to be prepared. If the fuel is bad, you can always run it through the boiler and get a fresh tank, but the cleaning of the tank the last time that was necessary was really expensive, and didn't look good on the reports.

Marine Vessels

Or you"re responsible for a really nice yacht. But you take on fuel from some really marginal sources. Some of the places you travel to are really nice on the outside, but just don't have the infrastructure and quality control to give you confidence in the product. And just taking on water (no extra charge!) reduces your fuel storage capacity and you know it will lead to problems down the road.

Best Practices

You know that if the fuel is in peak condition the equipment runs better, there is no smoke, the engine components last longer, fuel filters last longer, the engines(s) run more efficiently and you"re boss is happy. You know you need to keep the fuel in top condition, especially in the down season, so you have a tank cleaning and fuel filtration system. But a plan of Best Practices must include prevention.

The solution is to filter each load of fuel when it is taken on. There is an FV Series Filter Housing to fit your requirements for filtering water and particulates from the fuel before it goes into your tank, before it goes into the truck, or when transferred from the storage tanks into the day tank.

The FV Series is ideal for fueling racks and bulk fluid transfer during high volume dispensing. It removes common contaminants from gasoline, ethanol blends up to E15, diesel fuel, biodiesel blends up to B100, fuel oil, ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), fuel oils, lubrication oils, hydraulic oils, synthetic oils, and many solvents and thinners.

  • Available in configurations up to 500 gpm / 1892.7 lpm maximum flow.

  • 150 psi rating

  • Epoxy coating inside and out

  • Carbon steel housing

  • Gauge ports standard

  • Optional DP Gauge Kit Available for FV120, 150, 300

  • Optional Differential Pressure Gauge Kit Available for FV-500

  • Removes common contaminants such as dirt, dust and rust

  • Provides Increased filtering capacity

  • Easy opening and access with swing lid

  • Multiple FV units can be configured in parallel for increased flow rates, or in series for customized filtration

Polish Every Load of Fuel

Consider that, each time you fuel that tanker, the fuel could be polished and treated by the AXI Fuel Conditioner. See the Fuel Conditioner page for more information.