Mobil Fuel Dispensing System

Flexible, Mobil, Efficient

Mobil Fuel Dispensing System

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Dispensing Rate

Up to 18 gpm (72 LPM)

Power Required

Available in 110V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz

Skid Size

45" x 28"x9"

Input Connection

1.25 inch NPT-F to Input Shut-off Ball Value

Fuel Discharge

20 feet Flexible 1" Fuel Hose with Automatic Nozzle

Fuel Conditioner

LG-X 3000

Fuel Filter Vessels

Two FV-120 Filter Vessels (plumbed in series)

Filter Elements

One 6" x 18" Element (see list of available elements below)


420 lbs. (191kg.)


Crating is necessary for shipping

Note: System is designed for use with DIESEL FUEL or KEROSENE ONLY

Additional Information:

Specification Sheets:

Inside the FD-14 Fuel Filtration and Dispensing System

The AXI Diesel Fuel Filtration and Dispensing Skid is the perfect Fuel Delivery solution for dispensing fuel from a fuel storage tank to company-owned equipment. When the quality of purchased diesel fuel is an issue, the AXI Fuel Filtration and Dispensing Skid provides Fuel Conditioning, Particulate Filtration, and Water Removal, immediately prior to dispensing the fuel into the equipment’s fuel tanks.

Features Summary:

  • Two FV-120 Carbon Steel Filter Vessels in Series with Pressure Gauges to indicate filter element condition

  • Fill-Rite-15 to 18 GPM Dispensing Pump

    • UL listed or cUL listed pump/motor (depends on Hz rating)

    • Meter accuracy is +/- 1% (not for resale use)

    • Pump available in with 110V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz

    • Meter available in either Gallons or Liters

    • Meter has no-resettable grand total

  • LG-X 3000 Fuel Conditioner

  • 20 feet of 1.5" dispensing hoseUltra-low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)

  • Automatic Fuel Shut-Off Nozzle (flow stops when tank is full)

  • Mounted on Small Powder-Coated Steel Skid (45"x28"x9" - with 3" spill containment)

  • Connects to your fuel storage tank/system

  • Fuel Inlet shut-off Ball Valve

Fuel Conditioning

An LG-X 3000 Fuel Conditioner is located inline before the filter vessels. The Fuel Conditioner reduces the size and density of clustered fuel particles, which improves fuel filtration, improves fuel stability, and provides for increased and improved combustion of the fuel. As an additional benefit, fuel filter life is substantially increased because the dispersed fuel clusters pass through the filter rather than dodging in the filter media and plugging the fuel filter. With smaller sized fuel particles, combustion efficiency is increased due to better injector spray atomization and the fact that smaller particles combust more readily and more completely.

Filtration and Water Separation

Two High-capacity Filter Vessels are placed in series in order to provide two-stage filtration that can be optimized to remove particulate and water contamination in the fuel supply. Particulate filter elements are available in micron ratings of 2, 3, 5, 7 10, and 30 microns. Water Block filter elements are available in 5, 10, and 30 micron ratings. A typical configuration would remove particulate contamination utilizing a 10 micron Particulate filter in the first filter vessel, and then would remove Water contamination by utilizing a 5 micron Water Block Filter in the second vessel.

Dispensing Pump with fuel Totalizer

The Fuel Dispensing pump utilizes a mechanical meter to indicate the quantity of fuel that has been dispensed. The Dispensing flow rate is approximately 18 GPM and varies according to the condition of filter elements and the frequency of the power that is supplied to the pump motor. An Automatic Fuel Nozzle stops the flow of fuel when the tank is full. A reset knob is provided to reset the Fuel Totalizer to zero. The Fuel Dispenser also has a non-resettable sub-meter that shows the total fuel quantity of fuel that has been dispensed.


The Skid is made of powder-coated steel and the top surface is a 3" deep spill-containment tray with a removable drain plug. The Skid has fork lift openings and optional 8" pneumatic wheels are available if mobility is needed.

Replacement Filters

Each of the two FV-120 Filter vessels take one filter. The two FV-120 are plumbed in series. The same filter could be used in each, or a parter micron filter could be used in the primary unit, with a finer Water Block elemement used in the secondary unit. Available filter elements and prices are listed to the right.