Multi-Point Flowpath

Intelligent Actuated Valve Fuel
Flow Control System

Generator with basetank
Multi-Point Flowpath System

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Component Identification

1. Suction Header
2. FPS System
3. FPS Multi-point Controller
4. Return Header
5. Point Solenoid Valve
6. Base/Belly Tank

The typical recirculation process of a cylindrical tank pictured below does not work for a flat, elongated tank with internal baffles and structural supports that restrict fuel flow.

MTC-X Mobile Tank Cleaning System

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The Multi-point Flow Path Option provides random flow paths for the diesel fuel in generator base tank

Multi-Point Flow Paths

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The Multi-Point Flow Path Package is an add-on option to the AXI FPS SX-F, LX-F, LX-FB, MX-F Fuel Polishing and Fuel Maintenance Systems that are installed on sub-base rectangular steel tanks typical of diesel fuel powered generator installations configured with the generator mounted on top of the fuel tank. These types of "Belly Tanks" are constructed with double walls, an area for spill containment, and have internal supports at the mounting points where the generator is connected to the tank. These internal supports often act as fuel baffles within the tank, creating compartments with holes in the baffles that allow the diesel fuel to flow between the compartments.

In the process of circulating fuel for the purpose of filtering, conditioning and polishing the fuel contained in a typical cylindrical tank, the process involves placing the suction hose in a port near one end of the tank, typically the low point so as to suction water and sludge that would accumulate at the low end of the tank. The discharge hose would be inserted at the opposite end of the tank, sometimes configured with fittings that would encourage the discharge flow to direct debris and sludge that may be along the bottom of the tank to the low end of the tank to be picked up by the suction hose. See the picture at the left that shows how an AXI Mobil Tank Cleaning (cart mounted) MTC-X System might be set up to perform a tank cleaning and fuel maintenance operation.

A rectangular flat tank, often referred to as a base tank or "belly" tank, is usually configured as a base to a generator enclosure, an example of which is pictured to the right (the lower portion painted black). The base tank could hold as little as 400 gallons or as much as 4,000 gallons and can measure up to 20 feet long, 6 feet wide and 5 feet high. The internal compartments are formed with baffles and the compartmentalization presents restrictions to fuel flow if the only access is at either end of the base tank.

Generator with basetank

The Multi-Point Flow Path System provides a means of ensuring optimal fuel quality for restrictive tanks containing multiple internal obstructions. Structural baffles and internal configurations can present issues for fuel path travel, leaving areas susceptible to water, sediment, and bio-accumulation. By adding multiple suction and discharge points within the tank, new flow paths are created that can push out sludge, particulate, and other forms of contamination from hard to reach sections of the tank. This process, unique to AXI, is the most effective way to ensure optimal fuel quality for fuel tanks constructed with baffles.

The Multi-point Flow Path package works through random valve actuation on both the supply and return plumbing. Depending on the tank configuration, the Multi-point solenoid valves can be installed throughout the tank, providing multiple, varying flow paths. Multi-point systems can control up to seven sets of solenoid valves per tank (14 total). The number of valves will determine the number of possible flow paths.

Multi-Point Flow Point Controller

The Multi-point Flow Path package utilizes an independent controller. The TSC 7000 series controller is an HMI PLC UL508A controller with Modbus, TCP/IP, LAN and Internet connectivity for more intuitive system setup and monitoring from remote locations. The base System consists of a TSC-7000 controller that features the following:

  • Modbus, TCP/IP, LAN and Internet Connectivity

  • E-Mail & SMS Maintenance Alerts

  • Maintenance Alert Log File

  • Multiple Tank Functionality

  • Runtime Totalizer

  • Alarm History

  • On-Screen Help

For safe operation, FPS systems are equipped with an automatic pump shut-down and indicators when filter elements require service. Also included are indicators for high pump vacuum, pressure exits, and leaks.

Systems Available for Upgrade to the Multi-Point Flowpath Option

The Multi-point Flowpath Option is available with the
following Diesel Fuel Conditioning & Tank Cleanin Systems:


Tank Size

Base Upgrade Package

Expansion Valve Sets (each)


500 to 2,000 gallons
(1,900 to 7,600 liters)

Controller Upgrade to TSC 7000, 4 Solenoid Valves (2 suction & 2 discharge) & 2 Foot Valves

2 Solenoid Valves (1 suction & 1 discharge) & 1 Foot Valve


3,000 to 6,000 gallons
(11,400 to 22,700 liters)

Controller Upgrade to TSC 7000, 4 Solenoid Valves (2 suction & 2 discharge) & 2 Foot Valves

2 Solenoid Valves (1 suction & 1 discharge) & 1 Foot Valve


6,000 to 15,000 gallons
(22,700 to 56,800 liters)

LX Controller Upgrade to TSC 7000, 4 Solenoid Valves (2 suction & 2 discharge) & 2 Foot Valves

2 Solenoid Valves (1 suction & 1 discharge) & 1 Foot Valve