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Tier 4 Compliant

What does this mean?

"Tier 4" regulations are federal standards exclusively focused on manufacturers. They place responsible for designing and producing engines that comply with increasingly stricter emission regulations on the engine manufacturers’ shoulders, not on equipment owners.

In 2004, the EPA signed the final rule introducing Tier 4 emission standards for new off-road engines, to be phased-in over the period of 2008 to 2015. Tier 4 standards require that emissions of Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), the prime targets of the Tier regulations, be further reduced by about 90%.

As of January 1st, 2011, all new machines between 175 and 750 horsepower were to be Tier 4-compliant. These machines have engines with advanced emission-control technologies similar to those used to meet the 2007-2010 standard for on-highway trucks and buses.

While the specific approach taken by each engine manufacturer may vary, many Tier 4 engines include a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and/or a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) as part of the design. The EPA requires that Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) be used in Tier 4 engines.

AXI AFC-710 Diesel Fuel Catalyst is compliant with requirements of Tier 4 compliant engines, and AFC-710 should be used in all diesel engines, on-road or off-road, manufactured since 2007.

Additional Information:

Cut Costs, Cut Emissions

That was the result for Mississippi-based Blessey Marine when they used Algae-X Internation's fuel conditioning systems

Blessey operates 80 tank barges and 40 tow boats, ranging from 700hp to 3,200hp, and port engineer Mark Dufriend turned to Algae-X after having major problems with on of his barges.

"I was changing fuel filters every 17 hours and was ready to send the barge to the shipyard and have the fuel tanks pumped out and cleaned," he said.

He first tried treating the fuel with Algae-X's AFC-705 fuel catalyst ... which solved the problem. After several months and 200 hours without a fuel filter change, Mark estimates that the savings on tank cleaning alone exceeded US$5,000 -- and he now treats fuel tanks on all Blessey's boats and barges.

Based on the success of the fuel catalyst, Mark went on to install the firm's LG-X 3000 fuel conditioners on 95ft workboat Dreamer Klaiber, fitted with 3,200hp Cummins KAT50-M2 engines.

"Before installing the conditioners on the main engines and generators, the fuel filters needed replacement at every oil change," Mark continued. "Afterwards, the captain finally replaced the fuel filters at the third oil change -- he just felt guilty, the filters really didn't need changing!"

That convinced Mark to institute a total fuel systems management programme that will see LG-X series conditioners installed on all Blessey's boats and barges.

"Our technology is about optimizing the fuel quality to perform better," Algae-X partner Bill O'Connell told DPC. The firm also worked with dredging contractors Manson Construction to help cure their fuel and emission problems and, Bill continued: "Our systems aid filtration, but that same benefit results in better fuel combustion -- Manson saw less particulate emissions as well as better fuel consumption."

Excerpt from the November, 2004 issue of Dredging and Port Construction magazine article entitled A Breath Of Fresh Air?

AFC-710 Efficiently Decontaminates and Cleans
the Fuel and Injection System.

AFC-710 Fuel Catalyst is a unique and powerful Tier 4 compliant broad-spectrum fuel additive concentrate for use in Diesel, Biofuels, Gasoline, Kerosene, and Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO). Including AFC-710 as part of a preventative fuel maintenance program, in combination with good housekeeping, will stabilize your fuel, prevent sludge build-up, and eliminate the need for expensive and toxic biocides. Trust AFC-710 Fuel Catalyst to help ensure Optimal Fuel Quality at All Times.

AFC-710 Fuel Catalyst is a unique and powerful Tier 4 compliant concentrate that cleans heavily contaminated fuel systems and storage tanks. It dissolves tank sludge, stabilizes the fuel, restores Optimal Fuel Quality, and preserves the integrity of stored fuel up to 12 months. Active ingredients include Combustion Catalysts, Dispersants, Corrosion Inhibitors, and Lubricity Enhancers. AFC-710 extends engine life, extends filter live, removes carbon build up, prevents corrosion, cleans the injector system, and provides added lubricity, improves combustion, lower emissions and improves fuel economy.

AFC-710 cleans your tanks, and when added in with each refueling, enhances combustion, eliminates carbon deposits, reduces harmful emissions, and lowers fuel consumption.

Implementing AFC-710 as part of your preventative fuel maintenance program will stabilize your fuel, prevent sludge build-up and eliminate the need for expensive and toxic biocides. Most engine problems start in the fuel tank. By maintaining fuel in optimal condition with the regular use of AFC-710, you can extend engine life, extend fuel filter life, and remove and prevent carbon build-up.

AFC-710 prevents corrosion in engine fuel system components and cleans the injector system. Optimal fuel will extend the life and efficiency of injectors. Regular use adds lubricity and improves combustion, lowers emissions and improves fuel economy.

AFC-710 will stabilize diesel, gasoline, bio-fuel, kerosene and HFO for up to 12 months.

When you use AFC-710 in conjunction with a Mobil Tank Cleaning System, with an individual installation of a Wall Mounted System, or with an Automated Tank Cleaning System, the tank cleaning and fuel restoration process is accelerated. It enhances the breakdown and removal of sludge, slime and bio-fouling from tank walls and baffles that are difficult to access. Even steam cleaning tanks does not do the kind of work that the AFC-710 does to efficiently decontaminate and clean the corners and hard-to reach areas of a tank or clean the fuel and injection system. It continues to work in the tank, cleaning and stabilizing stored fuel for up to 12 months.

Contains: combustion catalyst, surfactant, dispersant, corrosion inhibitor and lubricity enhancer.

AFC-710 is Available in Liquid and Powder Form

AFC-710 is available in Liquid Form for adding to your fuel tank at the following Mix Ratio:


Known Contaminated


Treatment Ratio



8-oz. Bottle

160 Gal.

320 Gal.

1-Gallon Jug

2,500 Gal.

5,000 Gal.

5-Gallon Jug

12,500 Gal.

25,000 Gal.

55-Gallon Drum

137,500 Gal.

275,000 Gal.

AFC-710 Powder is a handy alternative. Like the liquid form, the Powdered AFC-710 is a unique and powerful Tier 4 compliant broad-spectrum fuel additive specifically formulated for High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) engine use with diesel, bio-fuels, gasoline, kerosene, and heavy fuel oil (HFO). This product performs in all the same hydrocarbon products that AFC-710 does, has a virtually unlimited shelf life (sealed in its original packaging), easily ships where a liquid product may present problems, and is easily stored in its powder form.

AFC-710 mixes at the ratio of 1 grams of AFC-710 Powder to fifteen (15) gallons of fuel. The following are some other ratios when using AFC-710:

Measure of AFC-710

To This Much Fuel

1 Gram

15 Gallons

1 Dry Ounce (28.35 grams)

420 Gallons

Tablespoon (15 grams)

225 Gallons

One Dry Cup (236.6 grams)

3,540 Gallons

One 40 Gram Package of AFC-710

600 Gallons

One 140 Gram Package of AFC-710

2,000 Gallons

One 334 Gram Package of AFC-710

5,000 Gallons

AFC-710 Saves You Money . . .

By lowering operating cost, reducing maintenance
and eliminating downtime

Cleans Diesel Fuel Storage and Delivery Systems:

  • Stabilizes and restores diesel fuel quality

  • Dissolves and disperses sludge and slime

  • Eliminates costly diesel fuel tank cleaning and disposal fees

Provides Peak Diesel Engine Performance:

  • Removes and prevents carbon build up

  • Improves combustion

  • Lowers diesel fuel consumption

  • Adds Lubricity to low sulfur diesel fuel

  • Prevents corrosion of diesel engine injectors

  • Extends equipment life

Reduces Harmful Emissions:

  • CO - HC's - NOx - SOx - PM - VOC's -
    Carbonyls - PAH