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MTC-H20 Water Sensor and Alarm

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AXI FP15 - Fuel/Water Separator and Purifier - 14.5 GPM

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AXI FP40 - Fuel/Water Separator and Purifier - 39.6 GPM

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AXI FP90 - Fuel/Water Separator and Purifier - 90 GPM

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FP90 - Heavy Duty Stand

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FP Series
Fuel/Water Separator and Purifier

Fuel, Water and Sediment Separation
Without Using a Filter Element

AXI FP Water Separator/Coalescer

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FP Series Separator/Purifier





Nominaal Flow Rate

14.5 gpm /
55 lpm

39.6 gpm /
150 lpm

90 gpm /
340 lpm

HP Guide

850 HP

4,000 HP


In & Out
Port (NPT)

1" BSP (1)

1" BSP (1)

2" BSP (1)

Top Port

1" bleed valve

1" bleed valve

1" bleed valve

Drain Valve
Bottom Port

1" Lockable
Ball Valve

1" Lockable
Ball Valve

1" Lockable
Ball Valve

Mounting Bracket



Included (2)

Height (2)

16 in.
406 mm

20.9 in.
530 mm

37.8 in.
960 mm

Diameter (2)

4.5 in.
115 mm

7.2 in.
183 mm

7.2 in.
183 mm

Empty Weight (3)

6.28 lbs.
2.85 kg

20.88 lbs.
9.47 kg

29.21 lbs.
13.25 kg


(1) British Standard Pipe Thread
(2) Heavy Duty Stand available as an option
(3) All dimensions exclude fittings
(4) Weights and dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly

FP Fuel/Water Separator &
Purifier Literature

AXI FP Water Separator/Coalescer

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Removing Water and Sediment

The origin of the majority of fuel related problems can be traced back to the introduction of water into a fuel system. By removing the water from fuel, the opportunity for microbial growth and other contamination is greatly reduced. AXI’s water separators remove the free water in fuel by allowing the heavier fluid (water), sludge, and particulates fall to the bottom of the unit, while the lighter fuel is passed on into the fuel system.

The AXI FP Water Separator-Purifier utilizes the principle of centrifugal force to split water, fuel sludge, and particles of dirt from fuels, and separate them so that the waste can be isolated and drained out without the use of filter elements that must be purchased, inventories and consumed. The heavier fluid (water), sludge and particulates are heavier than diesel fuel (water, sludge and particulates have a specific gravity greater than diesel fuel). When spun around inside the cylinder, guided by baffles inside the cylinder, these materials are forced to the outside wall of the cylinder and then drops down along the outside wall of the cylinder to collect at the bottom of the cylinder for removal by opening a valve and depositing these contaminants into a container for proper disposal.

It is essential that the Separator-Purifier is run at the specified optimum flow rate. If the flow rate is too great then the turbulence will mix up all the water and flush it straight through the Separator-Purifier.

An optional water sensor can be fitted to the Separator-Purifier to alert to the accumulation of a sufficient amount of water requiring removal. An operator can then drain the water from the system via the tap in the bottom. The sensor is available in either 9v DC power, or 12-24v DC Hard Wired.

Operating the AXI FP Water Separator-Purifier

Air leaking into the fuel system will compromise the operation of the AXI FP Water Separator-Purifier. Prior to installation, the engine should be run and checked to determine if there is any air in the system. If air is detected, this situation must be addressed prior to proceeding with installation.

Care should be taken to assure that all connections are air tight.

Note that flow direction can be in either direction, with either port being used as the inlet port, or the outlet port.

The AXI FP Water Separator-Purifier should only be used for its intended purpose. Any other use will invalidate the warranty and could result in serious injury or death.

Always isolate the fuel tank prior to cutting into a fuel supply line. Use the mounting bracket supplied and mount the AXI FP Water Separator-Purifier in a vertical position. The ideal location is prior to the primary filter in the fuel flow, level with or lower than the intake of the primary filter. Make sure to provide sufficient clearance for fuel connections and adequate room below to allow for draining. An separate mounting stand is available for the FP-90 Separator-Purifier.

Note that incorrect fitting of fuel hose or poor assembly of components can result in leaking die fuel or air being drawn into the fuel line which will compromise the operation of the Separator-Purifier.

The vent plug has a 1.5 mm bleed hole that, when loosened, will to allow for the evacuation of air from the Separator-Purifier if the unit is mounted lower than the fuel tank. When diesel fuel is expelled from the vent hole in the plug, air has been evacuated and the plug can be tightened.

If the Separator-Purifier is mounted above the fuel tank, remove the vent plug and carefully pour fuel into the Separator-Purifier until the unit is filled.

If the Separator-Purifier is in continuous operation, the unit should be drained 2 or 3 times per week or as experience dictates. Do not drain the entire unit, only the debris and water that is removed from the fuel flow. Do not drain or prime the unit while the entire is running. Water and material drained from the unit must be disposed of properly according to local or national regulations for your location.

AXI FP Water Separator/Coalescer

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The AXI FP Series Separator-Purifier does not utilize a filter element that requires periodic changing due to the collection of contaminants or an element that collects water from the fuel during the portion of a fuel cleaning cycle when the amount of water and heavy sludge can amount to a substantial portion of the contaminants that are to be removed. AXI uses the FP Series technology in several its larger capacity mobil and pallet mounted Mobil Tank Cleaning Systems. The ability to remove the water and coarse contaminants from diesel fuel saves considerable money on consumable filter elements, while removing "the big pieces" from the diesel fuel and then allowing secondary filters to more efficiently remove the smaller contaminants while obtaining longer life from the consumable filter elements used in the process.

Optional Water Probe and Alarm

The MTC-HC20 Water Sensor probe is available for use with the FP Series Fuel-Water Separator/Purifier. It is powered by one 9 Volt batter.