Portable Particulate Monitor and Testing Kit

Diesel Fuel Cleanliness Tester

Fuel Particle Monitor

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Fuel Particulate Monitor Specifications

Flow Rate

200 mL/m Nominal


14V Battery (38.5 Wh Capacity)


2 - 3 Hours, Depending on Usage and Fluid Viscosity

Electrical Ports

Battery Charge Port
USB Type-B Data Logging Port


Thermal Printer with Paper Dispenser


Integrated Sample Bottle Storage

Power Switch

Power Indicator

Fluid Inlet/Outlet Ports

Dry Disconnect Fittings

Suction Hose

Flexible Tubing 2 ft (0.6 m)

Discharge Hose

Flexible Tubing 2 ft (0.6 m)


17.54" x 14.24" x 7.5"
(44.55 x 36.17 x 19.05 cm)


16 lbs +/- (7.3 kg +/-)

Note: Not for use with fluids that have a flash point below 100 deg. F (37.8 deg. C), e.g.: gasoline, alcohol, etc.)

FPM Literature

Fuel Particulate Monitor Component Identification

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1) Charge PortFuel Inlet (From Tank)

6) Inlet Fluid Port

2) Computer Port

7) Power Switch

3) Sample Bottles (4 oz/16 oz)

8) Receipt Printer

4) Outlet Fluid Port

9) Status/Funcion Buttom

5) Monitor with Display


The AXI Fuel Particulate Monitor (FPM) is a self-contained mobile particle counter system, complete with integral pump and governed flow rate. Whether on-site, or in the laboratory, the system displays and reports instant cleanliness readings. Samples from oil and fuel tanks, or sample bottles, can be analyzed quickly and accurately, identifying immediate issues and minimizing the frequency of laboratory analysis.

All Fuel Particulate Monitoring & Testing Kits Systems feature:

  • Rigid, Industrial-Strength Case

  • Self Contained with On-Board Pump

  • Real-Time Detection and Alert of Contamination and Moisture

  • Real-Time Text Display

  • Real time graphic display via software (software may be downleaded at no charge)

  • Test results archive creation via Excel (using software)

  • USB Data Logging Port

  • Receipt Print-Out of Current Particle Count

  • Re-Chargeable Battery

  • Incorporates Latest Laser Particle Counting Technology

  • Private Labeling for Receipt Print Out


The FPM measures and quantifies the numbers of solid contaminants in fluid samples. It is designed to be an accurate instrument. The unit can operate using any of the international standard formats ISO 4406:1999, NAS 1638, AS 4059E and ISO 11218. The FPM incorporates a usb connection for comprehensive remote control and monitoring. The integrated data logger records up to 4000 test results internally, for use when a computer cannot be permanently connected. The front panel led provides a basic indication of the cleanliness level. The graphical LCD allows direct local display of the results in any selected format. The system can also perform a measurement of % saturation of Water in oil (RH), and fluid temperature.

How It Works

The instrument uses a light extinction principle whereby a specially collimated precision LED light source shines through the fluid and lands on a photodiode. When a particle passes through the beam, it reduces the amount of light received by the diode, and from this change in condition, the size of the particle can be deduced.

Status LED

The FPM has a multicolor indicator on the front panel, used to indicate the status or alarm state.

  • Green indicates that the test result passed, i.e. none of the alarm thresholds were exceeded

  • Yellow indicates that the lower cleanliness limit was exceeded, but not the upper one

  • Red indicates that the upper cleanliness limit was exceeded

  • Blue indicates that the upper water content limit was exceeded

  • Red/Blue Alternating indicates both cleanliness and water content upper limits exceeded

  • Violet indicates that the upper temperature limit was exceeded

Detailed instructions for performing tests is included in the Operation Manual that is available for downloading (in .pdf format) on the left side of this web page under the FPM Literature section.