Racor® Turbine Series

Fuel Filter/Water Separator

  RACOR 500MA30 W/ Metal Shield RACOR 900MA30 W/ Metal Shield RACOR 1000MA30 W/ Metal Shield


500 MA

900 MA

1000 MA

Max. Flow Rate

60 GPH
(227 LPH)

90 GPH
(341 LPH)

180 GPH
(681 LPH)


11.5" (292 MM)

17.0" (432 MM)

22.0" (559 MM)


5.8" (147 MM)

6.0" (152 MM)

6.0" (152 MM)


4.8" (122 MM)

7.0" (178 MM)

9.5" (241 MM)


4 lbs (2 Kg)

6 lbs (3 Kg)

10 lbs (5 Kg)

Port Size




Clean Pressure Drop

0.61 PSI
(0.04 bar)

0.34 PSI
(0.02 bar)

0.49 PSI
(0.03 bar)

Max Operating Pressure

15 PSI
(1.0 bar)

15 PSI
(1.0 bar)

15 PSI
(1.0 bar)

Element #




Element Removal Clearance

4" (102 MM)

5" (254 MM)

10" (254 MM)

RACOR 900MA30 W/ Metal Shield

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Stage 1: Separation As fuel enters the filter assembly, it moves through the centrifuge and spins off large solids and water droplets which fall to the bottom of the collection bowl.

Stage 2: Coalescing Small water droplets bead-up on the surface of the conical baffle and cartridge element. When heavy enough, they fall to the bottom of the bowl.

Stage 3: Filtration Proprietary Aquabloc®II cartridge elements repel water and remove contaminants from fuel down to 2 micron (nominal). They are waterproof and effective longer than water absorbing elements.

Replacement Filter Elements


500 MA

900 MA

1000 MA













  • SM = Secondary/Final 2 micron (Brown end cap)

  • TM = Primary or Secondary/Final 10 micron (Blue end cap)

  • PM = Primary 30 micron (Red end cap)

RACOR Filter Elements

When engines demand heavy-duty, high-capacity water separation and fuel filtration, the Turbine Series is the most complete, efficient, and reliable engine protection you can install. Symbolizing Racor’s continuing commitment to the science of filtration, the Turbine Series has established its position as the filter/separator often imitated, but never equaled. Models that include an aluminum bowl or stainless steel shield meet ASTM FS1201 certification, are UL-listed, American Bureau of Shipping, Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, ISO 10088, and USCG accepted. For severe service, all-metal bowls should be specified.

Paired with the famous and genuine Aquabloc® filters, the Racor Turbine Series is still the preferred brand for serious sailors globally.

How it works: As fuel enters, it moves past the internal check valve then through the turbine centrifuge where it flows in a spiraling direction, spinning off large articulates and water droplets. Being heavier than fuel, they fall to the bottom of the collection bowl. Smaller water droplets bead-up along and on the sides of the internal components and on the surface of the Aquabloc II element. When heavy enough, they too fall into the high-capacity bowl to be drained as needed. Besides repelling water and tiny solids, asphaltenes, algae and rust are filtered from fuel by the Aquabloc II element. Because Aquabloc II elements are waterproof, they remain effective longer.

Besides removing asphaltenes, gums and varnishes, Aquabloc II elements filter tiny particles of dirt and algae from fuel. Aquabloc II elements are rustproof – with polymer end-caps that won’t ever corrode.

The RACOR® Turbine Series Fuel Filter/Water Separator is standard on the following AXI Fuel Management Systems:

Although AXI uses the Racor Turbine Series Fuel Filter/Water Separator on several of our FPS Fuel Management and Tank Cleaning Systems, we do not inventory Racor Turbine Series Filters or Replacement Elements.

If you are looking for these fuel filter/water separator units or require replacement filter elements, please email us for pricing as we do not maintain an inventory of the separators or replacement filter elements and only sell them on an as-requested basis.