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Separ SWK-2000/5KD Clear Bowl, Water Contacts and Heat Shield (79 GPH)

Your Price: $339.00

Separ SWK-2000/5KD-G - Clear Bowl, Water Contacts, Heat Shield and Gauge (79 GPH)

Your Price: $423.00

Separ SWK-2000/5UKD Switchable Duplex, Clear Bowls, Water Contacts, Heat Shields (79 GPH)

Your Price: $1165.00

Separ SWK-2000/5UKD-G Switchable Duplex, Clear Bowls, Water Contacts, Heat Shields and Gauges (79 GPH)

Your Price: $1333.00

Separ SWK-2000/5/50KD Clear Bowl, Water Contacts, Heat Deflector (79 GPH)

Your Price: $352.00

Separ SWK-2000/5/50KD-G Clear Bowl, Water Contacts, Heat Deflector and Gauge (79 GPH)

Your Price: $436.00

Separ SWK-2000/5/50UKD Switchable Duplex, Clear Bowls, Water Contacts, Heat Shields (79 GPH)

Your Price: $1112.00

Separ SWK-2000/5/50UKD-G Switchable Duplex, Clear Bowls, Water Contacts, Heat Deflectors and Gauges (79 GPH)

Your Price: $1280.00

Separ SWK-2000/10KD Clear Bowl, Water Contacts, Heat Shield (158 GPH)

Your Price: $398.00

Separ SWK-2000/10KD-G Clear Bowl, Contacts, Gauge (158 GPH)

Your Price: $482.00

Separ SWK-2000/10UKD Switchable Duplex, Clear Bowls, Water Contacts, Heat Deflectors (158 GPH)

Your Price: $1322.00

Separ SWK-2000/10UKD-G Switchable Duplex, Clear Bowls, Water Contacts, Heat Deflectors, Guages (158 GPH)

Your Price: $1490.00

Separ SWK-2000/18KD Clear Bowl, Water Contacts, Heat Shield (285 GPH)

Your Price: $1123.00

Separ SWK-2000/18MK-G Metal Bowl, Contacts, Vacuum Gauge (285 GPH)

Your Price: $1123.00

Separ SWK-2000/18UKD-G Switchable Duplex, Clear Bowl, Contacts, Heat Deflector, Gauges (285 GPH)

Your Price: $2834.00

Separ SWK-2000/18UMK-G Switchable Duplex, Metal Bowl, Contacts, Gauges (285 GPH)

Your Price: $2834.00

Separ SWK-2000/40MK-G Metal Bowl, Water Contacts, Gauge (634 GPH)

Your Price: $1406.00

Separ SWK-2000/40UMK-G Switchable Duplex, Metal Bowls, Water Contact, Gauges (634 GPH)

Your Price: $4619.00

Separ Fuel Filter/Water Separator

Separ 2000/18GD with glass bowl, metal shield and vacuum gauge

Separ 2000/18GD with Glass Bowl, Metal Shield (U.S.C.G. and R.I.N.S. Approved), and Vacuum Gauge

Water and solid contaminants displace the fuel's lubricative coating on the high precision injection components. The loss of this protection results in wear, erosion, surface pitting and eventual pressure loss.

Many existing fuel filters aren't designed to remove significant amounts of water. They are designed to do their job in a single step. The Separ 2000 offers a compact design, high efficiency, low flow restriction, a long life filter element, easy installation, and simple maintenance.

Main Features:

  • Available with various flow rates from 1 to 260 I/min. Thereby offering fuel filters for an engine performance range of 5 to 10,000 kw.

  • Compact size, various ports, simple installation.

  • Manufactured from high quality non-corroding aluminum alloy casting, heavy polycarbonate or metal bowls and stainless steel hardware

  • High separation efficiency of water which is contained in the fuel.

  • Extended service time of the filter elements.

  • Protects the injection pump and injection nozzles.

  • Easy maintenance.


  • Automotive industry - trucks, busses, mobile cranes, municipality vehicles, etc.

  • Construction equipment, compressor sets, agricultural equipment, fork lifts, etc.

  • Stationary engines - generators, welding and pumping installations, etc.

  • Mining applications

  • Marine Propulsion - for this purpose switchable filters are available. A water level indication can be supplied optionally.

  • U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard

About The Separ 2000:

SEPAR 2000 is a water separator and light diesel fuel filter. It is a completely new, multiple centrifugal system that provides a 100% solution to the problems of water and dirt.


1. Small physical size in comparison to flow rate.

2. High performance.

3. Low restriction (delta P)

4. Long-life filter element.

5. Easy installation.

6. Simple in operation.

Separ Model

Combinations (2)



Thread In- and Outlet

Replacement Filter Tank
Cleaning System Application

Spec. Sheet


SWK-2000/5 (1)

D, G (3), K, KD, M, MK, U, UK, UD, UKD, UM & UMK

Clear Bowl


3/4" x 16 or Boss



SWK-2000/5/50 (1)

D, G (3), K, KD, M, MK, U, UK, UD, UDK, UM, & UMK

Clear Bowl


3/4" x 16 or Boss




D, G (3), K, KD, M, MK, U, UK, UD, UKD, UM & UMK

Clear Bowl


7/8" x 14 or Boss

FPS FX, FPS SX, FPS-500, FPS-500A, MTC-350, STS 6000-SX



D, G (3), K, U, D & G, or U & G

Clear Bowl


1-1/16" x 12 or Boss

FPS MX, FPS MX MX-F, FPS 750, FPS 750A, STS 6000 4 GPM-S, STS 6000 4 GPM-1, STS 7004



M, K, U

Metal Bowl


1-5/16" x 12 or Boss

FPS LX, FPS LX-F, STS 5000 10 GPM, STS 6000 10 GPM, STS 7010



M, K

Metal Bowl


2" NPT




Clear Bowl Standard
D=Heat Shield
M=Metal Bowl (U.S.C.G. and R.I.N.S. Approved)
G=Vacuum gauge, #30652
K=Clear Bowl with contacts for water level indication
MK=Metal bowl with contacts
U=Switchable Duplex Unit


Vacuum Gauge for Separ Filters, Stainless Steel, Liquid Filled


Water Level Alarm, 12V


Water Level Alarm, 24V


Audible Alarm (use with 30090 or 30091)


Clear bowl with heat shield (Option D) or metal bowl (Option M) is U.S.C.G. and R.I.N.A. Approved

Sizing the Separ 2000 Filter:

The flow rate l/min. must be higher than the maximum capacity of engine mounted fuel lift pump. For Example: maximum flow rate of the fuel lift pump is 8 l/min. - corresponding filter SWK 2000/10 with a maximum flow rate of 10 l/min.

Footnote (1)

The Separ 2000/5/50 is 1.38 inch taller than the 2000/5 in the body to accommodate a slightly taller filer element. Flow rate and most other characteristics of the two models are otherwise the same.

Footnote (2)

Separ filters with other Option Combinations are available but must be special ordered. Please contact us for price and availability.

Footnote (3)

The "G" option of a vacuum gauge to determine when filters need back-flushed or replaced may be added to any configuration. Adding to any single filter purchase adds one gauge (part #30652), and adding the "G" option to any duplex filter purchase adds two gauges (part #30652), one to each filter. See shopping cart for price. Thread tap in lid is included in price with purchase of filter with "G" option (not purchase of gauge alone).

Separ 2000 Replacement Filters:

For replacement filter information for Separ 2000 Fuel Filter/Water Separators, see the Filters page.

Separ 2000 Replacement Gaskets:

For replacement lid gaskets or bowl gaskets for Separ 2000 Filter/Water Separators, see the Filters page for the specific Separ model unit for which you need gaskets.

Separ 2000

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How the SEPAR 2000 Operates:


Fuel is sucked into the filter by the action of the lift pump via either port A or B. Plug off the port that is not being used. The filter is designed for the suction side of the engine.


Fuel enters through port A or B where it will then enter the centrifuge, separating larger particles of dirt and droplets of water down to 30 microns. The centrifuge does not spin. The first vane system spins the diesel fuel in a circular motion as it passes through the channels of the centrifuge.


As the fuel comes out of the centrifuge it will then hit the side of the bowl and the fuel continues to spin allowing the heavier particulates and water to separate from the fuel and settle to the bottom of the bowl.


The fuel flows through the second vane centrifuge stage forcing the fuel to spin in a different direction and passes on the outside of the centrifuge. At this point the small droplets of water and dirt particles are thrown to the center of the bowl, moving around and forming larger droplets of water. There the larger vane will catch the particles and bring them down through the vane. This is produced by the vacuum on the lowest part of the second vane.

Additional Information about
Fuel Filter/Water Separators


With the continuous circular motion of the fuel, the dirt and water droplets continue to grow together; becoming heavier and falling back into the bowl again.


Specially treated water resistant paper element will filter out all remaining finer dirt and water. The element slows down fuel to allow more contamiants to settle into the bowl.


Available in 10 or 30 micron rating (60 micron stainless steel cleanable filters also available). Filters can be cleaned - please see backflushing procedures. Fuel then leaves the filter through port C or D. Plug off the port that is not being used. A vacuum gauge kit is available for installation.


Backflushing is required when dirt and water block the filter element. The following signs will indicate this procedure is necessary:

  • Loss of engine power

  • Black smoke may exhaust from the engine

  • Vacuum gauge will indicate a high restriction reading on the element of the filter.


  • Stop the engine or switch over to the spare filter on the switchable units

  • Open the bleed screw

  • This introduces atmospheric pressure into the filter

  • The dirt particles and larger droplets of water will release from the bottom of the filter element

  • Gravity will assist the dirt particles as they slowly fall to the bottom of the bowl

  • Open the drain valve (PUSH IN AND TURN)

  • The clean fuel above the filter will backflush through the filter element. This will release the smaller dirt and water particles.

  • Drain the fuel until the dirt and water are removed from the filter and the bowl. Close the drain valve.

  • Close the bleed screw (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN)

You may now start your engine or switch back to the clean filter. If the engine still lacks power, try backflushing the filter again. If restriction is still too high, change the filter element.

Separ Fuel Filter/Water Separator

Filter Model

Maximum Flow (GPH/LPH)

Port Size (in./mm)

Separ SWK-2000/5/50



Separ SWK-2000/10



Separ SWK-2000/18


1 1/16"/26mm

Separ SWK-2000/40MK


1 15/16"/33mm

Separ SWK 2000/5/50D Separ SWK 2000/10D Separ SWK 2000/18D Separ SWK 2000/40MK

Separ SWK-2000/5/50

Separ SWK-2000/10

Separ SWK-2000/18

Separ SWK-2000/40MK

Separ SWK 2000/18DU

Separ SWK-2000/18U
Switchable Duplex Unit