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FT-200KK Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste (3-oz tube)

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Kolor Kut
Water Finding Paste

Water Finding Paste

To determine the amount of water and sludge in a tank an old and tried method is called "sticking the tank." This means using a stick with "Kolor Kut" paste on the end of a stick or a tank measuring rod that reaches through the top fill opening all the way to the bottom of the tank. Kolor Kut paste, available through our Shopping Cart in a 3 oz. (85g) tube, will show the water level in the tank by changing color where it comes in contact with water, indicating how much water and sludge will need to be removed.

Regularly checking any fuel tank is an important part of a maintenance program. Water in above-ground tanks can freeze causing damage, and below ground tanks with water provide the ideal environment for microbial contamination to grow at the interface between the water and the fuel, or other hydrocarbon fluid, in the tank. Learn more about what causes and how to fix bad diesel fuel.

Removal of water depends on the type of tank. Fuel tanks on equipment can be pumped out using a 1/2 inch length of rigid tubing. Use it like a soda straw in a soft drink. Cut the tubing to length so it will reach the bottom of the tank and allow you to hold your thumb over the end. Cover the end with your thumb and place the tube into the tank to the bottom while you continue to hold your thumb over the end. When you reach the bottom of the tank, remove your thumb so whatever is in the bottom of the tank enters the tube from the bottom. Then replace your thumb, holding the contents of the action inside the tube. Remove the tube and empty the contents of the tube into a empty 2-liter soft drink bottle that has been placed inside a 5-gallon bucket (to catch any spillage). Inspect the contents to determine if the tank contains all fuel or has water collected at the bottom, and what type of debris or other materials came from the bottom of the tank.

Water EliminatorIf several inches of water is found accumulated in the tank bottom, the portable DC powered TK-240 XT Portable Fuel Conditioning & Tank Cleaning System is the ideal tool for removing water and other debris from tanks up to 1,000 gallons. Larger tanks or commercial applications where the removal of water and debris is done often requires a more substantial system such as one of the Automated Tank Cleaning Systems or a Mobile Tank Cleaning System.

Should the water you find be minimal, do not ignore it as the consequences can be just as problematic to the cleanliness and performance of your diesel fuel. With small amounts of water in any fuel tank, utilizing a Water EliminatorWater Eliminator to remove water is a low cost, easy and effective way to capture the water from a tank bottom and remove it. The Water Eliminator contains crystals that will absorb water but not diesel fuel. Inspect the Water Eliminator at each tank fill and when the crystals have swollen with water, replace the Water Eliminator with a new one. Larger storage tank size Water Eliminators are also available.

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