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TS4-SS Tank Fluid Sampler, Stainless Steel - 4 oz.

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TS8-SS Tank Fluid Sampler, Stainless Steel - 8 oz.

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TS16-SS Tank Fluid Sampler, Stainless Steel - 16 oz.

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FS 100 - Fluid Sampling Pump

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FS 110 - 4 oz. Sampling Bottles for FS-100 (package of 5)

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FS 116 - 16 oz. Sampling Bottles for FS 100 (package of 5)

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FS 120 - Tubing for FS 100 (100 ft. length)

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Equipment for Obtaining Fluid Samples
from Fuel Tanks

TS Fluid Sampling Equipment

TS Fluid Sampling Equipment

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Fluid Sampling Equipment





Sample Size

4 oz.
(120 ml)

8 oz.
(240 ml)

16 oz.
(480 ml)


304 Stainless Steel
Viton "O" Ring

Outside Diameter

1.375" (3.5 cm)

1.375" (3.5 cm)

2.0" (5.1 cm)


10.375" (26.3 cm)

17.375" (44.0 cm)

14.5" (36.8 cm)


1.6 lbs (.8 kg)

2.5 lbs (1.0 kg)

3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)

Seals for TS Fluid Sampling Equipment are Viton O-Rings -- Other models, sizes and materials are available upon request.

Additional Information about
Fuel Sampling Equipment

AXI Tank Samplers are Stainless Steel, Industrial Strength devices that are designed to remove liquid samples from storage tanks. The small diameter of the AXI Tank Sampler permits insertion of the Tank Sampler into a storage tank through a port as small as 1.5 inches in diameter. (2.5 inches for 16-oz. sampler)

The AXI Tank Sampler can take liquid samples from any level in the storage tank. When the AXI Tank Sampler is lowered into the tank until the Tank Sampler’s plunger contacts the tank’s bottom, the plunger assembly opens, admitting a sample. To sample from any desired level in the tank, the plunger can be actuated by a plunger pull chain attached to the plunger through the threaded hole at the top of the plunger’s stem.

Additionally, the bottom of the plunger accepts a #10-24 threaded rod that can be of any desired length, enabling samples to be taken from a precisely repeatable level in the tank. Sampling the quality of stored fuel is the first step in maintaining Optimal Fuel Quality for Reliable Power at All Times.

TS-SS Tank Sampler Features

  • 304 Stainless Steel throughout

  • Plunger is top-vented to rapidly scavenge the fuel sample

  • Tank bottom samples are taken from the bottom 1/8th inch of the tank due to the unique design of the Tan Sampler

  • The mass of the 0.5 inch diameter plunger promotes a more positive seal than competing products

  • Replaceable Viton "O" Ring

Cutaway of TS-SS Fluid Sampler

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Securing Samples from the Bottom of the Tank:

Attach a light-gauge chain or wire cable to Hole “A” on the AXI Tank Sampler. Lower the tank sampler on the chain or cable until the bottom of the plunger (Point "C") comes in contact with the bottom of the tank. This will open the plunger allowing the liquid sample to be received through the bottom of the Tank Sampler. Remove the tank sampler by lifting the chain or wire connected to Hole “A.” The tank sampler now contains the sample.

Note: Hole "A" is threaded with 8-32 threads so that a shoulder bolt can be used as an attachment fitting if desired.

Securing Samples from a Particular Depth Level in the Tank:

Attach separate light-gauge chains or wire cables to both Hole "A" and Hole "B." Mark the chain or wire cable attached to Hole "A" so the bottom of the Tank Sampler will be at the desired depth. Lower the tank sampler into the tank by the chain or cable attached to Hole "A" so that the weight of the Tank Sampler is supported by Hole "A". At the desired depth, pull the chain or cable that is attached to Hole "B" just enough to lift the plunger and receive the sample. Release the tension on the chain or cable attached to Hole "B" and withdraw the tank sampler by the chain or cable attached to Hole "A."

Note: Holes "A" and "B" are both threaded with 8-32 threads so that shoulder bolts can be used as attachment fittings if desired.

Alternate Sampling Method for More Precise and Accurately Repeatable Sample:

Point "C" is threaded with 10-24 threads. Using a threaded rod (obtained locally) of the desired length for obtaining samples a given distance from the tank bottom, thread the threaded rod into Hole "C." Lower the Tank Sampler until the threaded rod hits the tank bottom and the plunger will open.

Tank Access Port

What to do if Your Fuel Tank Does Not Have Adequate Accessability:

In many instances, access to the inside of fuel tanks can be gained only through the fuel fill cap opening. This may be restricted by a long, meandering filler neck, may have a restrictive anti-siphon device, or just be too small in diameter to accomodate your AXI Tank Sampler. The installation of a Tank Access Port creates a permanent solution for tank access for tank sampling and for performing tank cleaning and fuel polishing.

Diesel Fuel Sample Pump

Diesel Fuel Vacuum Sample Pump

Diesel Fuel Sample

Fuel Sample Pump Tubing

Fuel Sample Pump

Additional Information about
Fuel Sampling Equipment

Obtains fluid samples from hard to reach spots with flexible 1/4" tubing and the FS 100 Fluid Sampling pump. The durability, simplicity, versatility and operating ease bring a new level of performance of fluid sampling.

No cross contamination -- Fluids can be drawn through tubing (FS 120) directly into sampling bottle (FS 110) without coming into contact with the pump. The pump will stay completely clean. The FS system can be used for fuels, oil, hydraulic fluids, coolant, water, etc.

Fluid Sampling Pump -- Small, hand operated, easy to use vacuum pump (sample bottles & tubing not included)

FS 100

Sampling bottles -- 4 oz. (120 ml) bottles with 38 mm thread (package of 5)

FS 110

Sampling bottles -- 16 oz. (480 ml) bottles with 38 mm thread (package of 5)

FS 116

Tubing -- 1/4" clear suction tubing (100 ft. length)

FS 120

To reach the sample tube to the bottom of a fuel tank, use a length of 1/2" PVC tubing and feed the FS 120 1/4" clear suction tubing down into the tube to the bottom of the tube. Use a piece of tape at the inlet side to fasten the tube in place. Lower the PVC tube to the bottom of the tank and pump the fuel up into the bottle.