AFC Fuel Catalyst

The AXI Fuel Catalyst (AFC) line of fuel additives are concentrated, industrial quality, full spectrum fuel additives, fuel stabilizers, and fuel tank cleaning agents for use with diesel, gasoline, bio-fuels, kerosene, and HFO. AFC will stabilize fuel, prevent sludge build-up, improve combustion, reduce harmful emissions, and eliminate the need for expensive and toxic biocides.

AFC provides superior fuel quality for engines and storage tanks - lowering operating costs, maintenance, and downtime. AFC-705 accelerates tank cleaning and fuel restoration processes by cleaning heavily contaminated fuel systems and storage tanks. It dissolves tank sludge, stabilizes the fuel, restores Optimal Fuel Quality, and preserves the integrity of stored fuel up to 12 months.

When AFC is added with each refueling, it enhances combustion, eliminates carbon deposits, reduces harmful emissions, and lowers fuel consumption. AFC-805 contains a additive components that are unique and powerful anti-gelling agents, in addition to decontaminating and cleaning the engine's entire fuel and injection system.

AFC is an integral part of an ongoing regimen that will keep fuel tanks clean, free of water, and fuel in optimal quality. Using AFC with one of AXI's fuel treatment systems, such as the TK 240 Portable Tank Cleaning system, an FPS Wall-Mounted Fuel Polishing System, an MTC Mobil Tank Cleaning System, or an Automated Tank Cleaning System, will loosen and begin the process of dissolving the debris, clean microbial and fungal growth from tank walls, top and bottom, and speed the return of fuel to optimal fuel quality.

AFC-710 Diesel Fuel Catalyst - Tier 4 Compliant for engines manufactured in 2007 and later.

The diesel fuel in your tank naturally won’t be combusted to it"s full potential – at least not without a little bit of help. AXI"s Fuel Catalyst AFC-710 is Tier 4 Compliant. AFC-710 have a chemical affinity to the hydrocarbons in your diesel fuel, helping your engine tap into your fuel’s full potential by burning it more completely. While it is doing so, it’s also cleaning out your fuel system from the fuel tank, to your injectors, to your combustion chamber, and through to your exhaust.

You can expect AXI’s Fuel Catalysts to improve your fuel economy, increase your horsepower, add engine lubricity, and extend DEF and UREA lifespan.

AXI’s Fuel Catalyst meets EPA standards and will work with other additives – but you won’t likely need them anymore.

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AFC-710 Diesel Fuel Catalyst

AFC-705 Diesel Fuel Catalyst for engines that do not require Tier 4 compliant additives, including all engines manufactured before 2007.

AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst is a unique and powerful broad-spectrum fuel additive concentrate for use in Diesel, Biofuels, Gasoline, Kerosene, and HFO. Including AFC-705 as part of a preventative fuel maintenance program, in combination with good housekeeping, will stabilize your fuel, prevent sludge build-up, and eliminate the need for expensive and toxic biocides. Trust AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst to help ensure Optimal Fuel Quality at All Times.

Using AFC-705 accelerates tank cleaning and the fuel restoration process. It enhances the breakdown and removal of sludge, slime, and bio-fouling from tank walls and baffles that are difficult to access. AFC-705 effectively decontaminates and cleans the entire fuel and injection system. It continues to work in storage tanks cleaning and stabilizing fuel for 6 months or longer.

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AFC-705 Diesel Fuel Catalyst

AFC-805 Anti-Gelling Broad Spectrum Fuel Additive.

AFC-805 is a unique and powerful fuel additive specifically formulated for use in Diesel, Bio-fuels, Gasoline, Kerosene, and HFO. AFC-805 should be used as part of any preventative fuel maintenance program, and is ideal for use in bulk storage fuel tanks in cold weather environments

AFC-805 effectively decontaminates and cleans an engine’s entire fuel and injection system. It continues to work in storage tanks leaning and stabilizing fuel for up to 12 months with a single dose. AFC-805 is ideally used for cold weather applications where there is long term fuel storage, such as bulk fuel farms, winterized recreational and work boats, and also smaller engines.

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AFC-705 Diesel Fuel Catalyst