Portable and Mobile Fuel Conditioning
and Tank Cleaning Systems

Mobility Gives You Flexibility
When You Have Many Tanks or Many Locations

In any application where diesel powered engines provide the horsepower to get the job done, the horsepower must be ready to run on call and for the duration of the critical times. The diesel-powered engines used in equipment may sit without operation for long periods of time until that horsepower is needed to perform. They may also be widely dispersed in numerous unique equipment or across diverse locations throughout a wide region. To ensure these engines and generator components operate at optimum efficiency when called upon, AXI® (formerly Algae-X) has developed Automated Fuel Conditioning and Tank Cleaning Systems capable of servicing these wide ranging fuel storage tanks and diverse locations efficiently, economically, and quickly.

The following list provides basic characteristics of the AXI Portable and Mobile Fuel Conditioning and Tank Cleaning Systems (otherwise known as Diesel Fuel Polishing) to allow for your initial identification of a system that may meet your needs. Power supply and flow capability (relates to fuel tank size) is the most critical for your initial consideration, but where you are going to use the system (in an equipment service facility, in the field where the equipment is at work, at diverse facility installations, or in the equipment yard) is also important. The larger systems provide fast treatment cycles, but are not necessarily adaptable to smaller tanks. Smaller systems can service a wide range of tank sizes by just running them longer, but requires servicing personnel to be attentive to the process, and the labor costs can be a significant consideration in maintaining cost effective operations.

Do not be overly concerned about the flow capacity of the system as compared to the size of tank or tanks that you are managing. A lower flow rate simply means the system must operate for a longer cycle to perform the periodic tank maintenance. Of course, a system that is so small that it must operate constantly will, itself, require more maintenance. A rule of thumb is a tank should be circulated three times under a preventative maintenance program, and the treatment should be completed in less than 50 operating hours (not necessarily continuous).

Do consider the means necessary to suction the fuel from the tank and returning the treated fuel to the tank. Tanks that are to be regularly treated may be fitted with fittings allowing quick connection of hoses or inspection ports to allow for ease of access, but sometimes access is only achieved by placing suction and discharge hoses in the same fuel filler opening, and larger circulation systems, having larger diameter hoses, negating their use in smaller tanks.

How often your Fuel Conditioning and Tank Maintenance System operates will depend on a number of factors. Fuel that is stored for an emergency may need to be circulated three times once each year in certain climates and conditions. Areas with more humidity and temperature variances would require more frequent treatments. Where fuel is used more often and new fuel is taken on regularly, treatments may need to be performed whenever new fuel is taken on, circulating the entire tank. If a quarantine tank is used (one where all new fuel taken on is placed), only the new fuel would require treatment and, upon completion, transferred into the more permanent storage tank.

System Integration

Larger systems (those mounted on one or more pallets) are equipped with an automatic controller system. Systems are designed to run automatically at predetermined times to treat the fuel and filter water, sludge and tank sediment from fuel storage tanks. The automation system provides extensive control and notification functions to advise the operator with the status of the systems operations.

Smaller systems (hand-held or cart mounted systems) are more mobile and have manual on-off operation and gauges that monitor filter life, although audible and visual alarms are available as an option for alerting the operator to the need to drain water captured in the fuel-water separator.

Portable and Mobile Fuel Conditioning and Tank Maintenance Systems are categorized based on how much fuel can pass through the system in eight hours. A typical preventative maintenance treatment requires three cycles of a full tank of fuel to treat 90+% of the fuel in a tank. As a result, an MTC 1000 LX system can treat a tank up to 2,400 gallons (9,000 liters) in an eight hour period. However, if a second eight-hour period is added, then the system can treat a tank up to 4,800 gallons, etc. An eight-hour period is used as a measure of one work day as the portable and mobile Tank Cleaning Systems must be attended, unlike the Automated Fuel Treatment Systems that are equipped with advanced controllers and automatic shut down capabilities in the event of an alert.

There is a system that is right for your installation and for your pocketbook. Click on Model Designation in the below table or on the "More information..." link in the summary of each model below the table for detailed specifications and pricing:


Flow Rate

Fuel Treated
in 8-Hours

Power Requirements

HMI/PLC Controller

Portable (Hand-Held) Fuel Conditioning and Tank Cleaning (TK) Series

TK-240 XT

4 gpm / 240 gph
( 15 lpm / 900 lph)

1,920 gal.
(7,300 ltr)

12V 10A (See Footnote 1


Cart Mounted Mobile Fuel Conditioning and Tank Cleaning (MTC) Series Systems


8 gpm / 480 gph
30 lpm / 1,800 lph

3,840 gal
(14,500 ltr)

110V/60Hz 15A or
230V/50Hz 15A


MTC-1000 LX

16 gpm / 960 gph
60 lpm / 3,600 lph

7,200 gal
(27,000 ltr)

110V/60Hz or
230V/50 Hz



26 gpm / 1,560 gph
(98 lpm / 5,900 lph)

12,500 gal
(47,000 ltr)

110V/60Hz or
230V/50 Hz


Cart Mounted Bag Filter Tank Cleaning Series Systems


20 GPM / 1,200 GPH
(75 lpm / 4,500 lph)

up to 12,480
(47,000 ltr)

110V/60Hz 15A or
230V/50Hz 15A


Pallet Mounted MTC HC Series Systems


up to: 75 GPM / 4,500
GPH (284 lpm / 17,000 lph)

up to: 36,000 gal
(136,000 ltr)

Adjustable Pneumatic Driven



up to: 90 GPM / 5,400
GPH (341 lpm / 20,400 lph)

up to: 43,200 gal
(164,000 ltr)

220V 50/60HZ 1 phase,
240V 50/60HZ 3 phase, or
480V 50/60Hz 3 Phase


MTC HC-150

up to: 150 GPM / 9,000
GPH (570 lpm / 34,000 lph)

up to: 72,200 gal
(273,000 ltr)

480V 50/60 HZ 12A 3 phase



1. Optional Converter allows for use with 110V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz.

TK-240 XT Portable Fuel Conditioning, Tank Cleaning & Fuel Transfer System

The TK-240 XT is a complete packaged system for re-circulating, polishing and/or transferring diesel fuel and light oils in vessels, stand-by generators, trucks, buses, agricultural and heavy equipment with up to 750 gallons (2,800 liters) tanks. It operates at 240 gallons per hour (4-GPM) and is available only in a 12V configuration. This unit is perfect for non-commercial operation for the do-it-yourselfer that maintains a boat, small business equipment, farm, or personal generator.

More Information on the TK-240 XT System...

TK-240 XT Fuel Management System

Mobile Cart Mounted Fuel Conditioning and Tank Cleaning Systems

Designed as a cart-mounted three-stage Industrial Quality Mobile Tank Cleaning (MTC) System to recondition, stabilize and decontaminate fuels, oils and hydraulic fluids. The MTC units efficiently remove water, sludge and sediments that naturally accumulate in tanks. With the included AXI Fuel Conditioner, the circulation system eliminates fuel instability, sludge buildup and microbial contamination. The MTCs are available in three configurations rated at 8 GPM, 16 GPM, and 25 GPM utilizing an FP Series centrifugal water separator/coalescer, Fuel Conditioner, and spin-on filter head for utilizing a water block or fine filter element. Designed for commercial service at marinas, truck and equipment service centers, tank service companies, emergency power generator service companies, and other industrial service facilities.

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MTC-3000 Cart Mounted Mobile Fuel Conditioner and Tank Cleaning System

Mobil Tank Cleaning Bag Filter Systems

Designed as a cart-mounted two-stage Bag Filter equipped Mobil Tank Cleaning (MTC) System to decontaminate fuels, oils and hydraulic fluids. The MTC-X units efficiently remove water, sludge and sediments that naturally accumulate in tanks. With the optional AXI® Fuel Conditioner, the circulation system eliminates fuel instability and sludge buildup. The MTC-X Bag Filter System is ideal for the type of application where the operator never knows how bad the fuel in the tank is or how far it has degraded. Using filter bags, filtration can start with an 800 course filtration bag, removing the heaviest sludge and debris without going through a lot of expensive disposable filter elements, while removing the worst of the water in one easy step. When the worst of the contaminants are removed, adjust the process by turning a valve to filter with fine particulate filter elements and filter elements that will remove the finer contaminants and water (Water Block Elements). The AXI® MTC-X unit, is designed for commercial or industrial applications that require serious service on mining equipment, construction equipment, marine equipment, train locomotives, and diverse, hardworking generator and power equipment, and tank service companies and industrial service providers that never quite know what the next tank cleaning job is going to involve.

More Information on the MTC-X Bag Filter Mobil Tank Cleaning System...

AXI MTC-X Cleaning System

MTC HC-50 Mobil Fuel Conditioning and Tank Cleaning System

Designed and engineered for high volume, large tank capacity tank cleaning requirements, the MTC HC-50 is a Pneumatic Powered high capacity, modular fuel conditioning and tank cleaning system mounted on one metal forklift-style pallet. Primary and secondary filtration handle de-watering and sludge removal, and later stage fine particulate removal and fuel polishing. The MTC HC-50 is ideal for reconditioning, stabilizing, and decontamination larger tank volumes of Diesel Fuel, Bio-Diesel, Light Oils and Hydraulic fluids. Utilizing advanced electronic controls, the MTC HC-50 incorporates sensors and alarms for filter replacement, water levels in the system requiring attention, and emergency shut down. The MTC HC-50 is powered by air supplied by customers air compressor and circulates fluids at variable rates as determined by tank size and contamination level. The system is ideal for vehicle or trailer mounted transport for servicing larger tank installations.

More Information on the MTC HC-50 Pallet Mounted Automated Fuel Conditioning and Tank CleaningSystem...

MTC HC-50 Pallet Mounted Mobil Tank Cleaning System

MTC HC-90 AFR (Adjustable Flow Rate) Mobil Fuel Conditioner and Tank Cleaning System

The MTC HC-90 AFR (Adjustable Flow Rate) is a four-stage mobile fuel conditioning and tank cleaning system. It features an electronic Variable Frequency Drive Pump Motor Speed Controller which can be set for any desired flow rate from 10 GPM to 90 GPM. The MTC HC-90 provides flexibility to move from smaller tanks to larger tanks with a full range of control. Using the MTC HC-90 is like connecting your fuel tank to a "dialysis system". It efficiently removes sludge and water from fuel storage tanks and then restores, conditions, and optimizes fuel.

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MTC HC-90 Fuel Conditioning and Tank Cleaning System

MTC HC-150 Mobil Fuel Conditioning and Tank Cleaning Systems

The MTC HC-150 system is engineered as a mobile tank cleaning system for capacity to clean large fuel storage tanks quickly and efficiently. The MTC HC-150, operating between 15 GPM and 150 GPM, (170 GPM under low pump load) tackles the big problems of removing sludge, inorganic contaminants, and water in large-volume fuel tanks. Degraded fuel is returned to a clear and bright state, returning combustibility and efficient operation as well as removing the harmful deposits and contaminants that damage engine components and make your power system exposed to unplanned downtime. The MTC HC-150 is a four-stage mobile fuel conditioning and tank cleaning system that is mounted on two metal forklift-style skids.

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HC-150 Mobile Fuel Conditiioning and Tank Cleaning System