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FT-100 Liqui-Cult Fuel Test Kit - Box of 10 bottles

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Fuel Test Kit

Top Set shows Bacterial Growth -- Bottom Set
shows Fungal Growth

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Additional Information about
Liqui-Cult Test Kits

Liqui-CultTM test kits are used to detect microbial growth in fluids, in the laboratory and in the workplace. Areas of application include metalworking fluids, circulating cooling and process water, hydrocarbons (diesel fuel), and other liquids such as cleaners, cosmetics, liquid soaps, detergents, etc.

Liqui-CultTM testing determines the type and degree of infestation usually measured by the more expensive plate count system. To use, simply fill the 5cc syringe (included in your kit) with the fluid to be tested. Inject the complete 5cc's through the rubber cap of the test bottle containing the liquid agar and shake it vigorously. Incubate for 30 hours for bacterial growth or 72 hours for fungal growth and compare it to the appropriate photo charts to determine the degree of contamination.


  1. Capture a fuel sample in a clean dry container.

  2. Assemble syringe by first removing plunger nozzle guard. Take cap, not guard, off needle and press into plunger nozzle, leaving needle guard in place until ready to use,

  3. Remove needle guard and insert tip into liquid to be tested. Draw plunger back, filling syringe with complete 5cc s of fluid.

  4. Inject needle through rubber cap on bottle and push down on syringe plunger, emptying contents completely into it. Remove syringe from bottle, replacing needle guard and discard according to local, state and federal guidelines. Shake bottle vigorously to mix fluids.

  5. Incubate bottle at room temperature for 30 hours for microbial growth and 72 hours in total for fungal growth.

  6. Bacterial/Microbial Growth: After 30 hours compare the color of sample bottle to the color chart.

  7. Fungal Growth: After 72 hours compare the color of the test bottle to the color chart.

  8. If it is necessary to dilute samples to be tested, for reasons of viscosity, etc., the following procedure is recommended: A sample may be diluted by adding 1ml to 99ml of boiled, cooled tap water in a clean container. Add 1ml of the test sample to the diluent, cap the container and shake vigorously. Then proceed with the above directions. Take the dilution factor into account when estimating growth. For example, a 105 count from a 1/100 dilution of fluid whould indicate 107 organisms per ml in the original sample.

  9. STORAGE: Liqui-CultTM should be stored at room temperature (68-75 deg. F). Protect from light. Need not be refrigerated.

  10. DISPOSAL OF USED MATERIALS: Under a fune hood fill the bottle with bleach. Allow to stand for 24 hours. Then discard in an appropriate manner. Needles and syringes should be disposed of within local, state and federal guidelines.

Note that in performing testing where a bio-cide or other similar product has been used in fuel, the test will likely result in a negative reading for microbial and fungal contamination, but fuel degradation and contamination from other sources is common and the test will not disclose other problems.